Hooters Wing Sauce Review

There are people who swear by Hooters hot wings. The original Hooters Wing Sauce can now be purchased in a jar, from the Hooters kitchen to yours, allowing you to enjoy Hooters hot wings in the comfort of your own home.

Let’s start with the sauce in the jar. It’s bright orange and has an extremely pasty consistency. Don’t bother tasting it straight from the jar. You’ll get the wrong impression. It doesn’t taste very good that way. Something happens when you heat it up, though. There’s a transformation that turns the Hooters Hot Sauce into Super Hooters.

The paste melts down and turns a darker, richer, fiery orange color, and the ingredients come together in a culinary collision that creates the taste everyone seems to be raving about.

The sauce is made with real butter and milk. There’s also vinegar and salt. Beyond that, I can’t really tell you what the ingredients are, which is the way the Hooters people probably want to keep it. What I can tell you is this: There are enough secret spices in the sauce to make it sufficiently warm and extremely pleasing to eat. The presence of butter and milk makes the Hooters Wing Sauce creamy and smooth on the tongue; that’s one of the things I really dig about it.

The absolute best way to use this sauce is to heat it up first and pour it all over chicken wings in a baking dish. Don’t add anything to it. Place those babies in the oven and let it rip. Perfect for football games, Xbox night, or a horror movie marathon. You might want to be sure to have plenty of wings on hand if you’re having company, though. I ate a dozen myself and stopped only because I wanted to make sure everybody else got some. Something about the sauce (I’m pretty sure it’s that creamy hot texture and flavor combination) is hard to ignore and highly addicting.

I can’t imagine another way to use Hooters Wing Sauce. It is what it is. Overall, it’s a Buffalo-style wing sauce with a nice warmth, excellent taste, and a clingy, buttery texture that brings chicken wings alive.

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  1. stacey said:

    Sep 26, 11 at 2:50 pm

    Thanks a lot for this review! i just got hooters wing sauce and i love it!! so amazing …

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