Homemade Garden Pest Control ~ Garlic Pepper Spray Recipe

If you are into home gardening you are going to want to keep your backyard garden clean and clear from all harmful pests that can destroy your home garden in just a matter of days. Here is a homemade recipe for Garlic Pepper Pest Control Spray.  This is great way to protect your garden and plants and not have to use harmful chemicals either.

Garlic Pepper Pest Control Spray Recipe

2 garlic bulbs, chopped
6 large red chili peppers, finely chopped
2 tablespoons vegetable oil (not olive oil)
2 tablespoons liquid dishwashing soap
7 cups of tap water

Place the chopped garlic bulbs, chopped chili peppers and 7 cups of water into a large blending container and process until smooth. Pour mixture through a strainer and place into a large glass container. Pour in the vegetable oil and liquid dishwashing soap. Stir until everything is combined. Use an old funnel and pour mixture into a large spray bottle. Make sure you clearly mark your spray bottle as containing your Garlic Pepper Pest Control Spray so that others in your household know what it is.

Lightly spray the mixture on and around your garden plants. It is good for repelling potato bugs, ants, grubs and other harmful small critters and pests. You will also want to spray this mixture around your garden perimeter to keep groundhogs, rabbits, deer and other animals out of your garden.

This is a recipe for a natural bug and pest spray that is not harmful to your plants, animals or people.  Just make sure you wash your produce well before eating!

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