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How did I survive a decade living in New Mexico without encountering Holy Jolokia Hot Sauce? This sauce was developed at the Chile Pepper Institute at New Mexico State University, and a portion of proceeds helps raise funds for education and research—and really, is there any cause more important than the research of chiles? I say no.

The label is simple: a picture of a chile on fire. The sauce is orange and quite liquidy, though fortunately the top has a drip cap.  The chile is Bhut Jolokia, the ghost chile, the hottest chile pepper in the world. Folks at the Institute have measured it at over 1 million Scoville heat units. Yes, you’re reading that right—over 1 million.

The sauce has the unique taste of jolokia, which some compare to scotch bonnet in flavor. The sauce is vinegar-based, but the vinegar is more of a carrier for taste rather than a dominant flavor. In the background of the jolokia you will taste garlic and citrus. Fans of Tabasco who are looking for more kick and a new flavor will love Holy Jolokia.

Holy Jolokia is great with macaroni and cheese, eggs and pork. It’s strong enough in flavor and heat that it can also be added to beef. Also delicious with dark chocolate, so add it to your hot fudge sauce.

Holy Jolokia Hot Sauce stings the mouth, but does not set it on fire, nor does it trash the colon. Instead it provides the kind of heat that travels throughout the body, so that it can be felt in the fingertips.

For those who like having their face on fire, they might be disappointed by this sauce. When a company brags about 1 million Scoville, this draws a certain audience. If you’re a fan of a sauce like 357 Mad Dog, for example, you might think, “357 Mad Dog only has 357,000 Scoville heat units, and that sets me on fire, so imagine what 1 million would do.” Those who take such an approach to Holy Jolokia Hot Sauce will be disappointed. Though it does have heat, it is not  as hot as 357 Mad Dog, and it’s more of a hot but flavorful sauce than a burn your face off sauce. Likewise, there are folks who might not be able to handle the XXX sauces, and read Holy Jolokia’s label, and not think they can handle it, and therefore, not buy it—when in fact they might enjoy them very much. So I hope this review sets the record straight.

Personally, I thought the sauce was great, and see it becoming a permanent part of my refrigerator.

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  1. Roberto Arroyo said:

    Jul 11, 11 at 6:13 pm

    This stuff is awesome, bought it from Mr CaJohn himself at the Fort Worth ZestFest!

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