Hog’s Ass Hot Sauce Review

I told a friend of mine that I was reviewing a hot sauce called Hog’s Ass, and he said, “Is that supposed to be a funny way pronouncing ‘hot sauce’?” I said I hadn’t considered that; to me it was just a funny name. Then he asked me if it tasted like hog’s ass. I’m not sure if he meant a cut of pork butt or something else, but I quickly realized that we were both missing the point. As far as I’m concerned, hot sauces are for dipping, splashing, or cooking; rarely is one very suitable for all three. 

Hog’s Ass Hot Sauce is.

With both habanero and cayenne peppers (the first and second listed ingredients, respectively), the sauce is plenty hot. In fact, it bites pretty hard and stays on your lips a while. It’s not one-drop-at-a-time-or-end-up-in-the-ER hot, but it’s just one level down from that. So it’s very useful if you like to splash a little hot sauce in your soup or on some meat.

But wait, there’s more. Hog’s Ass also contains vegetable juice, sugar, and orange extract so it makes a nice little dipping sauce. It’s also somewhat more viscous than a typical pepper sauce – not ketchup thick, but it won’t just run all over your plate if you want to pour a pile to dip your french fries in. I guess you could say it keeps its shape pretty well. 

But wait again, there’s still more. Hog’s Ass Hot Sauce is distinctly garlicky. Take the garlic kick together with the hot peppers, the juice, and the sweetness, and you also have a supremely interesting cooking sauce. I added it to a marinade for chicken thighs and thought I’d died and gone to hog heaven. I can also recommend spiking chili sauce with a generous amount of Hog’s Ass before adding to your favorite chili recipe. Though the sauce on its own is very hot, it integrates quite nicely with the other ingredients. You’ll definitely feel the heat but you’ll also enjoy the garlicky flavor.

I didn’t try this, but I can see Hog’s Ass adding a tasty kick in the cocktail sauce for your next shrimp cocktail. And with vegetable juice already in it, it’s a natural for a full-flavored and very spicy Bloody Mary. As I said at the top, it’s rare for a hot sauce to be so versatile, but Hog’s Ass really does have range. And I imagine it would taste damn fine on pork butt, too.

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