Health Benefits of Peppers

We have been told since we were in school, and definitely from our moms, to eat our veggies and the more colorful the veggie, the better it is for us.  Well, I guess mom was right.  Peppers come in a huge variety of colors and you can get them from mild to fiery, smoking hot.  The health benefit of the pepper is huge.  Here is a bit of information on just how healthy they can be for you.

I bet you didn’t know that peppers are packed with nutrients.  They’re one of the richest sources of vitamins A and C, the super antioxidant vitamins.   The capsaicin which is found in all peppers in varying amounts and gives the pepper its heat depending on the level contained in the pepper.  Well, it has been shown that the more capsaicin a pepper has, the hotter the pepper, of course, but the higher the antioxidant level.  By adding a cup a day to your diet, they can provide more than 100% of your daily dietary needs of the Vitamins A and C.

Why are antioxidants a big deal? These antioxidants work together to effectively neutralize free radicals, which travel through the body causing damage to your cells. They can cause buildup of cholesterol in the arteries, and problems associated with diabetes, arthritis, and other health issues. Plus Vitamin C is critical for proper immune function as well as for bone and muscle formation. Also, people who eat foods and fruits high in vitamin C can experience a reduced risk of cancer. Vitamin A also helps to protect vision and your eyes and promote bone growth.

Hot peppers also contribute some Vitamin B6 to the diet and are a good source of the mineral potassium. Vitamin B6, is known for helping the body utilize protein. Potassium contributes to good health by helping to balance the body’s fluids and regulate blood pressure. Peppers can also reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease because of the vitamin B6 and add in some folic acid as well as fiber. These two B vitamins are very important for heart health.

There are a lot more plusses to peppers in terms of health benefits such as helping to decrease cancer, helping to fight migraines and sinus headaches, lower blood pressure, fight fat by increasing the heat in your body which in turns up the your body’s thermostat and plenty more.  By adding peppers to your healthy diet on a regular to daily basis, you will add some important health benefits in the long run.

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