Gringo Jacks Whiskey BBQ Sauce Review

Gringo Jack’s Smokin’ Whiskey BBQ Sauce is truly a masterful combination of ingredients. There’s tomato puree, cider vinegar, brown sugar, onions, tomato paste, chilies, and lime juice all set to a splash of bourbon whiskey that makes this a sauce for the barbecue connoisseur.

A thick rib eye steak was the first thing I used this sauce on. I broiled it in the oven and put Gringo Jack’s Smokin’ Whiskey BBQ Sauce on right at the last couple of minutes. I ended up with a medium rare rib eye that had one of the most phenomenal tastes I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing.
Gringo Jack’s Smokin’ Whiskey is a sauce with a subtle heat factor and a savory, almost smoky aftertaste. The bourbon whiskey shines through in the mix, adding a layer of flavor that gives this sauce its key personality. Gringo Jack’s Smokin’ Whiskey BBQ Sauce enhanced the flavor of my steak without taking away the natural goodness of its juicy flavor. I couldn’t have been more pleased with the performance.

In addition to its barbecue application, Gringo Jack’s Smokin’ Whiskey makes a great all-around sauce. You can use it as a straight steak sauce, top your meatloaf with it, or spice up a cold sandwich for lunch. The medium pour makes it an excellent replacement for any other sauce you might use on your sandwiches.

There’s something about bourbon whiskey that makes a barbecue sauce stand out for me. I’ve tried several, and in every case, the bourbon adds a flavor characteristic that makes the sauce stand out. If you’re like me and you prefer a little bourbon with your barbecue, Gringo Jack’s Smokin’ Whiskey BBQ Sauce will deliver the goods.

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