Gringo Jack’s Vermont Maple BBQ Sauce Review

Gringo Jack’s Vermont Maple BBQ Sauce – If this one doesn’t sound like a winner to you, you aren’t paying attention. Right up front, I want to say that this is excellent on anything pork. I also cooked some bacon-wrapped filet mignon and coated it with this sauce at the last minute on the grill — just enough to sizzle the sauce on. The maple flavoring here does everything in the world to bring out a mouth-watering, savory goodness that you won’t be able to get enough of.

The ingredients here include vinegar, lime juice, chilies, garlic, sugar, onions, tomato paste, and you guessed it, maple syrup. Vermont maple syrup. Maple syrup as a barbecue flavoring is long overdue. It has to be one of the most complimentary additions I’ve seen, and tasted, in a long time.

Crafting a barbecue sauce that delivers unique taste is a challenge. Too many barbecue sauces use the same basic ingredients and don’t look for a way to add anything. That’s not even close to the case with Gringo Jack’s Vermont Maple BBQ Sauce, which delivers not only a taste unlike any barbecue sauce before it, but one that will have your friends and family satisfied. I tried the spoon test before the big event, passing around the bottle. The room filled with “oohs and ahhs.” It sounded more like a roomful of people getting a sensual massage than it did people tasting barbecue sauce.

I enjoyed Gringo Jack’s Vermont Maple BBQ Sauce beyond belief. There’s no heat to it, despite the chiles, but that’s okay. For me, the maple syrup is the star of the show, as it should be.

Grab a bottle and taste it for yourself. You’re going to be happy you did.

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