Gringo Bandito Pepper Sauce Review

Hello Chili Heads! It’s a new year and Zest Fest is right around the corner. Those of us that are truly dedicated to all things spicy are now wondering what “atomic” sauces are going to be presented at the show. In a few short weeks, we will know and I bet you can find all those new sauces right here at! I found a new sauce to try and I want to tell you about it.

Gringo Bandito Hot Sauce.

For those of you that love rock ‘n roll and hot sauce, this sauce review should be worthy of your time. Prepare to be amazed! Dexter Holland is the lead singer and rhythm guitarist for the punk band, The Offspring. They have recorded many albums and had tons of very popular music. So when he isn’t adjusting his amps or shredding on his guitar, he is making hot sauce right here in good ole California! How much sauce one might ask? Well it’s reported that his company in Newport Beach, California produces over 500 gallons a day! That’s a lot of sauce.  So naturally I have been curious about it.  Being that I love guitar and good hot sauce, well it was inevitable that I would review Gringo Bandito Hot Sauce. I love the fact that this sauce is made in sunny California. So many products are out sourced to other countries or are created back east. This one is right in my own back yard. This company has been around since 2004 and still going strong. This year he even produced a signed and numbered collectable hot sauce that was created from his own garden. These sold out in a matter of a just few hours. Did you get one?

So I tried this sauce on a couple of different foods before I wrote this review.  I tried it on my favorite pizza and then I had to try it on some of my favorite breakfast food.

The Label/Bottle.

The label looks great and original. It has some nice detail and color to it. It has a picture of Dexter on the front in bandito attire. The name of the sauce is bold, so that between the bold name and the yellow color I can easily recognize it on a shelf amongst other popular “atomic” sauces. This is not one of those labels that warn you of an imminent and painful death if you consume this sauce. It is a label that promises “adventurous flavor and tingling tantalization.” And boasts that it’s even “easy on the pooper!”  The bottle comes in two different sizes; 5 oz for the average consumer and 10 oz. for the truly dedicated pepper head. Myself, I can appreciate the 10 oz size.  A 5 oz bottle just doesn’t last very long in my house if it is good.

The bottle says that it is made from Vinegar, Water, Habanero Peppers, Jalapeño Peppers, Red Japanese Chili Peppers, More Peppers, Salt, Mojo, Spices, and Xanthan Gum. It took Dexter two years of combining ingredients before he was able to call this sauce complete.

Sauce Appearance, Color, and Smell.

The sauce has a strong, tasty pepper smell. It is not overwhelming and doesn’t have the strong vinegar flavor that some sauces have. This sauce has a smell that immediately makes me hungry and a desire to consume large amounts of Mexican food is instantly developed. I love that there is so many peppers in this sauce. Every pepper seems to just add to the flavor. The sauce doesn’t have seeds or chunks in it, but pours out very easily.

Taste, Heat Factor.

Right off…I like this sauce! It tastes great. I can taste the peppers and there is lots of spicy flavor in it. Now if you are looking for a high heat sauce this might not be your choice but if you wish to have a sauce with a great flavor, here you go! I must admit it goes perfect with pizza. I tried a bite with a little sauce then I immediately cut a slice into a 2-inch strip and just poured this sauce right down the middle! Yum…now that’s atomic baby! I would rate this sauce as a mild sauce. I would rank it about a two out of five for heat but I would also say that it is a five out of five for flavor. I am definitely going to keep this in stock at my house.


I would say that in conclusion my words would be… “I can’t get enough!” It’s a great sauce. It’s a sauce that you can share with your whole family and take to your favorite local burrito shop. Thanks Dexter for setting down your guitar long enough to produce this great sauce and thanks for providing only the best products for us chili heads. So this is “Atomic Eh?” telling you to…

Keep it hot and keep it spicy!

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