Green Bandit Cilantro Habanero Hot Sauce Review

The Green Hornet, Green Lantern, and Green Arrow were all crime fighters. But they won’t be the only ones going after Green Bandit Cilantro Habanero Hot Sauce. This mild pepper concoction will win fans easily with its good taste, even if a bandit is traditionally a bad guy.

Though Green Bandit hot sauce features the habanero pepper, its primary ingredient after filtered water is cilantro. This accounts for the sauce’s dark green color. In addition, I wonder if green habaneros are used – not only are they milder than ripe red and orange habaneros, but they also would blend into the primary color scheme of the sauce. Apple cider vinegar and lemon juice concentrate add sour notes, while ginger and garlic powder are responsible for the touch of spice.

Green Bandit Cilantro Habanero Hot Sauce is a fairly viscous sauce, with a consistency just a little lighter than ketchup. This enables it to stand up to more demanding applications, such as hamburgers and hot dogs and other grilled foods, as well as adding complexity of flavor to thicker sauces without thinning or diluting them.

Rarely will you taste a sauce this mild that has the habanero pepper in it, but that’s because heat was a lesser consideration in developing this sauce. With the predominance of cilantro, this sauce is a perfect complement to cuisines already known for their spiciness, such as Mexican, South American, and Southeast Asian/Indian. The essential herbiness (I think I just invented that word) of Green Bandit hot sauce enhances recipes with a big punch of flavor and a more modest fillip of heat.

So it’s safe to say there are no villains here, just a sauce that will steal your heart and make other sauces green with envy.

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