Great White Shark Predator Review

Great White Shark Predator Hot Sauce – Like the predator this sauce is named for you, it creeps out at from the swirling dark blue waters to attack. I really expected a fairly mild heat level to this one and was surprised to find that its bite is as deadly as the Great White Shark’s.

The burn here is slow and almost sensual. It begins with a sharp hit, then backs off to allow you to enjoy the taste of the sauce, then it begins building again, until you find yourself wiping the sweat from your brow. That first taste and this experience are worth the price of a bottle.

Check out the ingredients here: wine vinegar, habanero pepper, pepper extract, tomato, mustard, pineapple, papaya, banana, sugar, and real fruit juices. This is a masterpiece of ingredient combination. As I’ve already stated, the heat is something any hot head will appreciate, but the way these ingredients are played together is an orchestra of the highest caliber. This is a sauce I can get behind.

Finding ways to use Great White Shark Predator Hot Sauce isn’t a problem. Put it in your chili, in soups, as an additive to meatloaf, or in addition to other sauces. Fried eggs, scrambled eggs, as a dip for my sausage . . . this is a truly enjoyable taste experience.

I plan on keeping this sauce on my shelf. It embodies what I believe a hot sauce should . . . expert use of ingredients to create something hot, tasty, and functional on a lot of different food. Consider jumping in the ocean and letting the Great White Shark take a bite of your taste buds. You’ll appreciate the well-crafted beauty of this sleek predator.

Great White Shark Predator Hot Sauce

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