Great White Shark Predator Hot Sauce Review

I’ve never been particularly scared of sharks. I’m the type of guy who laughs during Jaws and watches the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week for the gore. Then I tried Great White Shark Predator Hot Sauce and for the first time I tasted fear– and it tasted good.

The shark on the bottle emerges from the ocean with its immense jaws open wide, rows of gleaming teeth sharpened and ready to bite. The foreboding image is an appropriate warning for the heat within. “This sauce is too hot for ‘normal’ landlubbers.” states the label ominously. “It will attack you with no warning and take a big bite out of your ass.”

Great White’s complex recipe includes a number of tropical fruits as well as Habenero pepper and “superior pepper extract,”  which after much research still remains a mysterious ingredient.  The supporting cast of the sauce includes among other flavors: tomato, mustard, wine vinegar, and real fruit juices.

The bottle states that Great White Shark Predator Hot Sauce is to be used as “a food supplement only! one drop at a time.” Now you have to understand that I’m rather cocky when it comes to my heat tolerance, and this type of warning is relatively common among the hotter sauces. I figured it was all part of the bottle’s mystique, just another overstated scare tactic. Please accept my humble apology: this is the real deal.

The first squirt was a quick dose of fruity flavor that instantly dissolved into complete pain. The sauce hit my throat and completely filled it with breath-taking heat. The kind of heat that told me instantly that my stomach was in for an unhappy evening. But this intrepid hot sauce reviewer refuses to give in that easily.

I began to squirt the sauce onto my pork burrito and found the experience to be unpleasantly painful. My upper jaw started to hurt, and I could barely taste the burrito under the intense wave of heat. Its not that the sauce isn’t good, its just that as the bottle warns this is not its intended use. I probably used about a tablespoon of sauce on the burrito and suffered a pretty bad night because of it. And yes– this sauce hurts coming out.

The next day I mixed it into a bowl of salsa which turned out to be  a much better vehicle for its flavor. The fruit came through and the heat wasn’t quite as instant though it grew to an intense crescendo. Overall Great White Shark Predator Hot Sauce is a good sauce, and a deadly one. If used as directed it can be a wonderful weapon for your hot sauce arsenal. If used incorrectly it’s a laxative.

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