Ghost Train Ghost Pepper Sauce Review

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Today is a great day for some heat. Springtime is here in California and were all talking about what were going to plant for this year’s harvest.  Fortunately, there are many things for the family chili head to obsess on. Not only are vendors constantly creating new sauces to tantalize our taste buds but, there are many people out there trying to break the world record for the hottest chili. Currently the Bhut Jolokia holds the record, but when I spoke to Sue Hard, who is the co owner of Cajohn’s Fiery Foods, she said that the Trinidad Scorpion pepper might become the new record breaker. We shall see! Last year many of us thought there was a new record holder (The Naga something pepper) but it has been since been proven to be false. What a disappointment to the chili community. Additionally, an exciting event called Peppers at the Beach is taking place on May 20th through the 22nd. Chip who is the owner of Peppers is currently the record holder in the Guinness Book of World Records for having the largest hot sauce collection in the world! You can contact them at This is going to be a HUGE spicy tailgate party that is going to have many sauce vendors participating and providing their newest creations for tasting and sale. Last year, even Blair from made an appearance and produced a very limited Reserve that was purposely created to commemorate this event. Very cool and very spicy! Food and sauce…my kind of thing to do. If you’re in the area…don’t miss out.


I would like to introduce you to a product that I came across from Sometime I question whether Chris (the owner) might be trying to end my life prematurely…this sauce is hot. It might be better titled as “your pure 5oz of pain” Now granted, I have been laying off the spicy stuff cause I was just getting over the flu, but when I tried this, I very much surprised and in shock. (Yes, I think for a moment my body might have gone into shock!)

Listen for the sound of the

This sauce has a very artistic label on it that is filled with detail and intrigue. There is a creative and explicit drawing of a train on the front. It’s very dark and surreal, almost hinting that something evil might be in it. As I gaze at the label, I can’t help but notice that it appears that the Train’s engine front has a smile on it. Is this a small hint from the producer as to what his attitude may be once you have tried their sauce? This I do not know. But I have met many a sauce creator that has just a wee bit of a sadistic side to them, so I have to wonder. So with hot sauce, often comes very hot ingredients. Vinegar, tomatoes, garlic, Peri Peri Peppers, Bhut Jolokia peppers, onion, unsulphured molasses, herbs, and more. Oh wait; I forgot an ingredient…PEPPER EXTRACT!!!!! The label goes on to say that “This sauce will take your breath away!” Before I go on to talk about the taste, I must say that as a collector and consumer that I love the label and would buy it on that alone. I give the label a five out of five.

So in regards to taste and smell, this bottle caught me off guard. It definitely took my breath away! Most sauces I just pour liberally and I did the same with this one. Fortunately I can write this review instead of talking about it, cause my tongue, once the pain passed, feels like a burnt, ancient charcoal briquette! When I took the wrapper off, I should have taken caution with the very red cap that is on top but I didn’t. The sauce smells very spicy and I can smell a little bit of fruity sweetness. I can only assume that this comes from the Jolokia and possibly the molasses. I can also smell the garlic and there is a faint extract presence as well. When I tasted the sauce I found that the heat/pain comes before the taste and by then taste is kind of the last thing on my mind. I did, though, add it to my soup and it turned up the heat very nicely and didn’t create a bad extract taste. I wouldn’t suggest this sauce to anyone for a dipping sauce but as an additive, it works great! The sauce has a nice dark reddish brown color and pours out nice and even…not too thick or thin. As I pour it out I can definitely see the spices. The smell kind of reminds me of something as simple as taco sauce, but trust me this isn’t that. I would also recommend that it NOT be available for kids to come across. It could possibly hurt them in a very memorable way. Now if you’re in laws are driving you crazy and constantly inviting them selves over for a free meal, well, this might be the solution to resolving that problem! For heat factor I would give this sauce a five out of five. For taste, well who knows…this stuff is too hot to taste!

Ghost Train is lots of fun and heat. The label looks great and it’s priced just right over at This sauce is good for collectors, as well as consumers. It definitely might lead you to begin to fear ghosts! It would make a great gift as well for those who love Jolokia and extract sauces. This is “Atomic Eh?”  telling you to keep it hot and keep it spicy!


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One Response to “Ghost Train Ghost Pepper Sauce Review”

  1. Thoon said:

    Nov 30, 12 at 3:13 am

    Dude… it’s really not that hot. It actually has a great taste! I was thinking that with the ghost peppers AND extract that it would be a lot hotter than it is. If you think this is hot, please don’t EVER try Mad Dog 357 silver. It will make your tongue fall off. That one is truly hot.

    When I smell it all I get is peri peri, cumin, a little smoke, and a little vinegar. Much less vinegar than most sauces. The taste reminds me of a bbq sauce almost. Very smoky, the cumin and the peri peri comes through, then you get the heat from the ghost peppers.

    Maybe you need to up your tolerance. I just ate a quarter of a bottle 20 minutes ago, and I just came off the burn. The tase is great mixed in chili. I ate it on burritos. MMMMMMMMMMMMBOY!!!!

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