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The Ghost Pepper Sauce – Are you afraid of the ghost? That’s the question asked on the black label of this Ghost Pepper Sauce. The black label features a ghoul that looks like Death himself paying a visit. The makers of the sauce warn you to be afraid of this ghost. I don’t know about all that, but I do know there’s heat hidden inside the bottle – serious heat. With the naga jolokia pepper as its base, that’s no surprise. In addition to that magical pepper, the ingredients include carrots, papaya, lime juice, passion fruit, salt, vinegar, onion, and garlic. Those flavors are layered and balanced beautifully, making a sauce that packs the heat wallop chili lovers crave and the flavor a gourmet palate demands.

A lot of the sauces made with the naga jolokia are not only hot, but they tend to be great additives to all sorts of food. That’s because the naga jolokia, for all its hot intensity, is a damn good tasting pepper. The selection of ingredients you blend it with and how those ingredients are balanced is what makes the sauces so good. I’m not saying every naga jolokia-based sauce is delicious, but The Ghost Pepper Sauce certainly doesn’t disappoint.

The Ghost Pepper Sauce has a bright medium orange color and is packed with pepper seeds and skins that do a sensual slow dance in the sauce as you pour. Watching the sauce drip out onto whatever food you choose to use it on is one of the great pleasures of using this sauce. The seeds and skins provide an extremely heavy texture and cling to your food to provide heat and flavor in every bite.

Speaking of heat and flavor, you have to be very careful. The taste of The Ghost Pepper Sauce is so good and so addicting that you forget you’re using a sauce hot enough to need to be used more as a cooking ingredient. The taste is so good you want to dip your chips in it. I even used it on a salami sandwich, sparingly, of course. Just a few drops amid the salami, cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes was all it took to pack a punch.

I’ve tried my fair share of sauces made with the naga jolokia. This is one of the most versatile of the sauces and one that can be used a little more frequently. This pepper makes most of these sauces too hot to work with unless they’re fully diluted, but this one, despite the high heat level, can be used in many applications without dilution. Far and away one of the best naga jolokia-based sauces I’ve eaten.

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