Fork ‘n Halo Heavenly Hickory BBQ Sauce Revew

Fork ‘n Halo Heavenly Hickory BBQ Sauce – There’s a fat pink pig in a red devil’s suit on the label of Fork ‘n Halo Heavenly Hickory BBQ Sauce, but something is dancing on my tongue and I don’t think the satanic swine is it. For clues, I look to the back of the label and the ingredient list: tomatoes, evaporated cane juice, molasses, red wine vinegar, honey, apple juice concentrate, salt, smoke flavoring, mustard powder, smoked Spanish paprika, onion, garlic, chipotle pepper, black pepper, and xanthan gum.

At the outset, I’m ruling out the xanthan gum.

I take another taste of this very thick, very rich, very dark sauce. I’m thinking that it’s the smoke Spanish paprika and the chipotle pepper dancing a jig together. I’m not talking about heat here; there’s no burn per se, but there is a spiciness that punches through the many sweet ingredients and the few savory ones, and keeps working on my tongue. It’s an interesting experience, and I like the sensation of the sauce continuing to work on me even after I’ve consumed it.

With a flavor name like Heavenly Hickory you’d think that the smokiness would be most pronounced but it isn’t. The tomatoes, molasses, honey, and apple concentrate provide the first wave of flavor and it’s a strong one. The smoke is there on the second wave, along with the vinegar, mustard, and onion, but again, it’s the spices and pepper that linger afterwards.

Which is not the say that the sauce is misnamed or is somehow lacking. It’s a good, sweet barbecue sauce with a lot of flavor and a thickness that will make you want to use it not just on grilled foods, but in meatloaf and meatball recipes, chili, and as a replacement for ketchup. But rest assured, if you do brush this on grilled burgers, steaks, chops, ribs or chicken, it will stay there. No amount of heat will lessen the viscosity of Fork ‘n Hallo Heavenly Hickory BBQ Sauce. It can stand up to any food, any cooking method.

And not only is it a very good barbecue sauce, it’s a pretty darn good dancer, too.

Fork ‘n Halo Heavenly Hickory BBQ Sauce

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