Fork N Halo BBQ Sauce Fire and Brimstone Review

I love Fork N Halo BBQ Sauce Fire and Brimstone BBQ Sauce. I’ve tasted many fine sauces in my life. Some of them, like Pappy’s Moonshine Madness, should be in a barbecue sauce hall of fame. This is one of those sauces.The bold sweetish-hot flavor notes of this barbecue sauce make it ideal not only for anything you can cook on a grill, but for any food you might want to dip. I started looking for excuses to use this sauce, but the truth is, I don’t need an excuse. It’s damn good and I’ll eat it when I want to.

Interesting ingredients combine to bring out a sauce that nears the gourmet stage here. Tomatoes, evaporated cane, red wine vinegar, pure honey, apple juice, kosher salt, mustard powder, onion, garlic, black and red pepper, and smoke flavoring are included, but the pepper combination is awesome. There’s habaneros peri-peri peppers, which deliver a nice warm undercurrent to go with the lick-smacking sweetness. I truly impress myself every time I’m able to put the lid back on this sauce. It takes a lot of willpower to stop tasting it. The thing is, the lid doesn’t stay on it long before I’m back in the bottle, finding something else to eat the sauce on.

This Fork N Halo BBQ Sauce Fire and Brimstone BBQ Sauce makes one of the finest shrimp dipping sauces I’ve ever had the pleasure of using. Forget cocktail sauce. I boiled three pounds of jumbo shrimp and my wife and I went through it all with Fork N Halo as the star of the show.

Whatever your favorite barbecue food is, this Fork N Halo BBQ Sauce Fire and Brimstone BBQ Sauce will complement it and bring out the flavor of the food. Ribs, pork, beef, or chicken, you name it. All of it will benefit from this sauce.

Thick and rich, with a dark reddish-brown color and an appetizing aroma that makes your mouth water for a taste, this barbecue sauce will be a regular on my shelf, and if you give it a try, you’ll be stocking up too. It’s truly addicting.

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