Fork’N Halo BBQ Sauce – Original Sin Review

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“Atomic Eh?” is here to talk to you about another sauce. It’s not a hot sauce, but a barbeque sauce.

Fork’N Halo BBQ Sauce

Original Sin

The sun is shinning today and I am getting ready to put a pork tenderloin on the grill, so I am ready, armed with this interesting sauce that I got from Insane Chicken. I am becoming a big fan of barbeque sauces that pack heat in them.  The label says it has a “Devilish touch of heat. “ I hope that means it’s “Atomic!” I have found that there is a huge variety in barbeque sauces out there, so it is sometimes hard to really pinpoint which one might be perfect for you or me. So, for today, I am just going to try to make me happy and afterwards we can work on you!

The sauce has a unique, colorful label. It is a nice shade of red with a devil-like pig that appears to be up to no good. The bottle itself is about 12 oz and you know that if this sauce is really good, that just won’t be enough—there is never enough sauce for me when I find a sauce that I love.  They claim to have all natural ingredients. This sauce is a very dark brown. It’s almost black in color and appears, from the outside looking in, to be really thick. The label says it’s good for ribs, chicken, pork, beef, and seafood. (I love how ribs have their own category!) They suggest that we use it for a marinade, a barbeque sauce for glazing, and/or a dipping sauce. I think we will try it for all three.  I need to dig a steak out to marinade.

Well life is good! Barbeque is going and I am ready! Looking forward to a great meal with what I hope is good sauce. I couldn’t find a steak, but I found a great pork tenderloin for the grill.

So I pulled the tenderloin off the grill and sliced it up. Just perfect! Juicy and rich. I opened the Fork’N Halo sauce and poured it liberally over the meat. I found that the heat from the meat actually lifted the sauce right off the meat to my sense of smell. I could definitely smell the unsulfured molasses. As I poured it out it was a dark and rich color. When I tasted it the pork really came through. The BBQ sauce is not like some that knock out all the flavor of the meat. It was sweet and savory. It was not hot enough for my taste. In fact I did not notice any heat at all.  BUT, I will say this, as I ate the BBQ and savored this sauce with the meat and the other flavor of my food, I found that I had to throw out my traditional take on BBQ. The more I ate, it the better it got. The sauce is flavorful, but not really spicy at first. The heat did build to a comfortable level for my wife. It was definitely not the “Atomic” sauce that I am looking for, but if you like a mild, sweet, and tasty sauce this one might be the one for you! It’s great on the pork and right now I need to take a moment and serve it up to my family!

My wife says that that it looks tasty. As she tries it, she says the rich, sweetness, really compliments the pork. The molasses reminds her of a bourbon sauce. She agreed with me that it had very little spice and heat at first, but again says that it is a good compliment to the meal. The flavor reminds her of a very dark chocolate in that it is rich and compliments the flavor of the food. The more she dips, the more she likes it. We also recommend it on kabobs that have pineapple, red onion, and mushrooms in the ingredients. Definitely add something good to your Luau!

Thank you to for the suggestion of trying this sauce.

I will enjoy it and I look forward to what your site may hold for me in the very near future. Doing reviews for you is like an education to the pallet. Have a great weekend my chili head friends!

So Keep it hot and keep it spicy!



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