Fire Ant Juice Hot Sauce Review

The label on the fire ant juice hot sauce bottle transports you into a scene from a 1950’s sci-fi  flick, portraying a hapless victim & an eight foot fire ant. It might not be a bad idea to keep your local national guard unit and/or haz-mat crew on speed dial, just in case. . .

Ever sat your posterior down on what looked like a nice soft mound of earth in say, south carolina or thereabouts?  You may have soon received a less than hospitable welcome from the local inhabitants ! ! !  An example of the above  mentioned inhabitant is glued to the neck of each bottle of fire ant juice, presumably  to make for easier identification by any first responders or your next of kin, if necessary.

Now, assuming that we ‘ve raised our perimeter fence and posted our sentries, lets give this here juice a trial run.

Fire ant juice hot sauce pours out somewhat thick and very tomatoey. At first taste ( I put in on top of a bowl of my chili), it didn’t seem very hot, more like the fire sauce that you can find at taco bell. Then reality began to set in. This sauce has a very nice, even heat, with a great background of habenero peppers to compliment the tomato base. You might not want to try this on a spoon, but once I strirred it into the chili a bit, it really did a nice job of flavor enhancement.

The next day, I boiled some nice juicy shrimp. While they cooled down in a bowl of ice, I whipped up my usual cocktail sauce. (ketchup, a few drops of lemon juice, horseradish, and a tiny touch of worcestershire sauce. I always loved this recipe, but adding about a teaspoon of fire ant juice  put it way over the top. Much, much better than tabasco , franks, or texas pete, all of which i’ve tried in the past. I only wish this product was put in a much larger bottle, it would be a regular guest at my dinner table.

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