Feel the Heat Hot Sauce Review

From the Victoria’s Secret collection comes Feel The Heat, a sauce whose label features a man and a woman in skimpy bathing attire standing in front of a setting sun on a beach. He’s very muscular with a Speedo-style bathing suit that hangs suspiciously halfway down his thighs. She is clad in a lilac-colored bikini the top of which barely is able to contain her huge breasts. It is for moments and products such as this that I am thankful to be an avid label reader.

You may start to feel a certain burning sensation when you hold a bottle of Feel The Heat, but it won’t be due to the sauce itself. The label bills it as “a great starter sauce” with a “mild heat level.” The ingredient list reveals that the only source of heat is jalapeno peppers and they appear only halfway down the list. The main ingredients are sugar, orange juice concentrate, vinegar, Vidalia onions, and orange peel. So I knew it wouldn’t be that hot, and I knew it would be very sweet. What I didn’t know was that it would taste almost exactly like duck sauce.

Indeed, tasting Feel The Heat Hot Sauce for the first time, my mind instantly went to thoughts of egg rolls, fried chicken fingers, boneless ribs, crab rangoon, and other standard Chinese food appetizers. In fact, thanks to the jalapenos and onions, Feel The Heat is better than duck sauce and would be a great thing to stick in your pocket next time you went to your favorite Asian restaurant.

The label, ever a source of information and visual entertainment, recommends using it on everything “from breakfast to fish and red meats.” To my mind, the ideal use of Feel The Heat for breakfast would be to spike the egg mixture you would make for French toast. For fish, I would recommend a bland white fish like a cod or haddock; I don’t think the sweetness of the sauce would complement a strong-flavored oily fish like tuna or salmon. For red meats, I would stick to cheaper cuts like hamburger and sirloin tips.

Finally, if you wanted to add serious heat to this sauce, I would recommend a simple pepper sauce without a lot of extra ingredients like carrots and mustard that would mask or dilute the essential fruitiness of Feel The Heat.

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