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The disturbing image of a ghostly alien face on the black label of Fear Hot Sauce could be a freeze-frame from a horror flick. Blood drips slowly from the top of the forehead down to the cleft of the chin. But the terror doesn’t end there. Even the typeface on the bottle would look at home on the cover of a horror rental.

In case you’ve never experienced fear, the label includes a tidy definition of the feeling describing it as “a response to a specific stimulus such as pain, or the threat of pain.” Then for good measure they taunt you: “don’t be scared!!!”  In case you think these guys are all shock and no awe, the first ingredient of Fear Hot Sauce is the one and only Naga Jolokia pepper. Colloquially known as the “Ghost Chili,” the Jolokia  packs over 1 million Scoville units of death-defying heat. It’s quite possible that the face on the front of thee bottle is all that’s left of some poor soul who globed too much of this stuff on their burrito.

Yet for all their yammering about the pain-inducing qualities of this sauce, the people responsible for Fear Hot Sauce still seem care about flavor. Carrots, papaya, lime juice, vinegar, onion, passion fruit juice, and preservatives complete the ensemble of ingredients in Fear. The result? A sauce that burns but keeps you coming back for more.

The smell of blended peppers overpowers the rest of the ingredients in Fear. The flavor tastes mostly of sweet muddled peppers. Whereas the Habenero has often been described as having a fruity flavor, I find it rather difficult to pinpoint the flavor of the Ghost Chili.

Fear Hot Sauce gets hot just about the instant it hits your tongue. Its not as deadly a sauce as some, but I broke a sweat after my first taste and began hiccuping after my second.  It’s a building heat, that covertly sinks into the background of your meal and stealthily devastates your taste buds.

I tried Fear Hot Sauce with a Portuguese chicken and rice dish and found that the heat didn’t overpower flavor. The burn began to build as I ate and stung quite a bit by the end of the bowl. It’s too bad that the flavors in Fear aren’t more assertive then they are. I was really hoping that the strange combination would combine to create something entirely unique but in the end Fear is only mildly unusual.

What separates Fear Hot Sauce from other Ghost Chili sauce’s I’ve come across is its consistency. The sauce’s chunkiness makes every bite an adventure in heat. Sometimes the heat is mild, other times you chomp down on a Jolokia seed and regret it for the next ten minutes.

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