Fat Bastard Bear Bite BBQ Sauce Review

Fat Bastard Bear Bite Hot Wild Berry barbecue sauce is a thick and sweet, with just the hint of cayenne peppers beneath the surface. You won’t burn your mouth, but there’s just enough mild warmth to tickle your tummy.

There are several other taste sensations going on in here, starting with blackberries. I’m not talking about blackberry flavoring or bits of fruit. I’m talking about big, fat blackberries somebody picked right out of the woods and dropped into Fat Bastard’s Bear Bite BBQ Sauce to give it a fruity sweetness that can’t be beat. Other ingredients include mustard seed, honey, molasses, turmeric, anchovies, brown sugar, onion, and garlic, but it’s the blackberries that make Fat Bastard shine.

I started this sauce with chicken breast in the oven. Fat Bastard’s Bear Bite clings nicely to whatever you put it on. In the oven, it cooked onto the chicken breast to perfection. The chicken came out moist and the blackberry flavor came bursting through in the dish.

Anything you might want to barbecue, Fat Bastard’s Hot Wild Berry will complement. I didn’t have a chance to try it on ribs, which is one of my favorite meats, but I grilled a couple of thick steaks with the sauce and thought for sure I was in Heaven. I can’t imagine a more perfect addition to a barbecue sauce than blackberries. The way the fruit and hickory smoke flavors combine to bring out the best in a steak I thought couldn’t be made better is mouth watering.

It doesn’t take a visionary to imagine a couple of creative cooks from the hills knocking this sauce off in the back of a cabin. This is the kind of barbecue sauce recipe you’re supposed to keep to yourself and pass down through generations. Instead, Fat Bastard puts it right on your kitchen table.

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  1. Donna Hinkle said:

    May 01, 10 at 11:31 pm

    Awesome B-B-Q Sauce!!!!

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