Envy Hot Sauce Review

I have to admit, my mindset going into trying Envy Hot Sauce for the first time was not a fair one – I enjoy green sauces immensely, but had yet to find one with a distinctive enough flavor to stop me from automatically grabbing my personal standby, a certain green jalapeño sauce that you may have been privy to yourself at some point or another.  So I wasn’t expecting to sell the farm upon cracking open this new venture into green territory.  Despite a near heart-attack upon staring into the (unexpected) pair of wide green eyes printed on the side of the bottle’s label, my overall first impression of  it was favorable: the sauce had a thinner consistency than the green sauces I had dabbled in before, but it boasted a lime/citrus smell and flecks of a spice (cilantro?) swirled inside of the glass bottle.  While I would not have minded if the taste had been a little more heated, I certainly recognized that there is a time and a place for a mild, green hot sauce, and Envy Hot Sauce delivered a satisfying alternative to my usual taco and nacho topping routine.

So forgive me for my indiscretions, Father, as I have sinned.  But using Envy Hot Sauce is an act that I don’t have any problem committing again.

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