Enjoying the Sweet Hot Mixture – Chili Pepper Candy

It is hard to believe there are so many pepper fanatics out there.  The amount of products that you can find with peppers in them is mind boggling. But in the effort to keep our readers in the know, here is a different way to experience your love of peppers.  For those that love sweet and hot together… enjoy some chili pepper candy.

Chili Pepper candy has been a favorite of Mexico and other countries for hundreds of years.  In fact, the love of chili peppers in the US has been growing in recent years and is finally coming more and more into its own, but we have been behind the ball in terms of uses for the chili pepper.

Chili powders and candy are a traditional Mexican treat with many different varieties kids have enjoyed for years.  Visiting a Mexican Grocery can be a culinary delight to the senses with choices such as mango flavored chili coated lollipops or watermelon flavored chili coated lollipops.  How does some spicy, sour gummi’s sound?

If you are a brave soul and love spicy candy, look for the hard candy balls in a mango, watermelon, strawberry or pineapple flavors. There is a pocket of Hot, chili powder in the middle for a pop of extreme flavor.  Sounds good!

You can also find packets of chili powder, regular or sweetened, just for sprinkling on fruits or sticking your finger in the packet and enjoying it that way, just like when you were a kid!

So next time you are by a Mexican grocery store, take a trip down the candy aisle and see what kind of awesome chili flavored candy you can find and you can enjoy the wonderful taste sensation of sweet and spicy.


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