Endorphin Rush Hot Sauce Review

Endorphin Rush Hot Sauce – Really, the name of this sauce says it all. When the human body is in pain, the brain sends out an army of endorphins to help combat that pain. This sauce sets off a rush of endorphins on contact. If you have a toothache, seriously, put a drop of this on it. The endorphins will come hard and quick. The toothache will be gone. The sauce itself will burn like hellfire, but that’s beside the point. That nagging toothache will be gone, and that’s the point, right?

I love heat. I am one of the biggest fans of heat I know, but still, I like a sauce that sets out to please my taste buds, not just torch them. Endorphin Rush Hot Sauce has no intention of pleasing the taste buds. This is strictly for those who like to feel the burn. The limited ingredients tell you right away that taste is not a factor. Tomato paste, vinegar, molasses, soy sauce, and pepper extract are the only ingredients that make up this sauce. There’s no bits of ingredient to please the palate.

For me, a sauce with the sole purpose of doing damage to your mouth just doesn’t work. I have friends who feel otherwise. I have two friends, in fact, who believe this sauce is as good as it gets. They, of course, used it as a supplement to something else. They used it to add heat. If that’s your intention, Endorphin Rush Hot Sauce will be at the top of your list. If used wisely, as a food additive, small doses of Endorphin Rush will give your dishes a nice burst of heat. It does combine well with a lot of flavors, just avoid eating it by itself. One look at the top layer of pure pepper extract should tell you all you need to know — this one could land you in the emergency room if you don’t handle it with caution.

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