Drying Your Chili Peppers for Future Use

If you have ever traveled to New Mexico or Arizona I am sure that you have seen the big strings of Chili Peppers hanging in restaurant or in kitchens around the area.  This is not only for decorative use, but it is also a method of preserving your chili peppers for future use by drying them.  It is something that you can do as well should you have a bountiful harvest and want to save some for another time.

The first thing to do to start drying them is to clean them thoroughly. Use thick string to hang the peppers from using the stem.  Just thread the string through the stem.  Hang them in a bright sunny spot where the sun is warm.  You don’t have to do anything more. In a few weeks the peppers will be dried out.  To use them again, just grind the pepper up and add it to your salsa’s, stews, soups or whatever your heart desires.   If you don’t want to wait a few weeks for them to dry naturally, you can dry them in the oven buy slicing them open than on a very low temp, bake them.  You have to turn them often to keep them from scorching.  When they are completely dried out, you can use them the same way.  Grind them up and store them in an air proof jar and enjoy!

This is a great way extend the length of your harvest and enjoy your fresh peppers throughout the year.

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