Does Hot Sauce Cause Heatburn?

Some heartburn sufferers believe that spicy foods including hot sauces give them heart burn. This makes them avoid the use of one of my favorite condiments hot sauce. Centered upon this belief, many people fear that the heat from hot sauce could potentially cause certain acid reactions being a catalyst for heart burn. However in this post, I am going to present a new finding that may well end this belief. This level of detail will reveal the actual effects of hot and spicy foods on heartburn sufferers.

The assumption that hot and spicy foods may not be safe for the people suffering from heart burns may very well be all in their mind. This belief has been refuted by a review of one hundred scientific studies in the Archive of Internal Medicine. Within the review, the limitation on the consumption of spicy foods along with other acid-inducing foods for example chocolates, caffeine, and citrus fruits failed to eradicate or even decrease the the signs of heartburn. Additionally, the acidity in the esophagus was not even lowered despite the decrease in these foods.

The research, nevertheless, discovered quite a interesting revelation. The most effective technique to eradicate the the signs of heartburn would be to reduce the overall intake of food. Consuming a smaller amount would mean no more heartburn.

Carrying excess fat means more demand in the abdominal areas. This can lead to additional likelihood of experiencing heartburn.

I strongly recommend consuming smaller servings more often, such as 5 to 6 times a day. By doing this, you lessen the intra-abdominal pressure that may induce heart burn. Eating in such a manner, the acidity within the esophagus will also be more restricted. This can also be a great way to shed those excess pounds. I hope this explain why eating hot sauce is safe for your health.

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