Delicious Suffering Hot Sauce Review

Delicious Suffering Hot Sauce – With an ingredient hit list that boasts habanero peppers and Serrano’s, Delicious Suffering delivers pain and pleasure. The heat is butt kicking and immediate. The taste of the additional ingredients blend well with the two peppers. There’s onion, tomatoes, garlic, cilantro, salt, vinegar, and a few secret spices. Add to the mix some chili extract and you’ve got a monster that tastes good and provides a hot burn.

I started this one off on a slice of soft mozzarella just to get a feel for the sauce alone. I knew the smooth texture and subtle taste of the cheese wouldn’t interfere. I was right. It didn’t stand a chance against the sauce. It did help to ease the pain a bit, because when I tried a couple drops of Delicious Suffering on a corn chip, I got the full force of the fire.

Beef stew was on the menu for dinner. This sauce was by my side. I gave the stew a few liberal drops and stirred it in. The first bite was enticing, so I took another. It wasn’t long before my bowl was clean. Delicious Suffering adds a flavorful note to beef stew and gives it a heat punch that will satisfy the most fervent pepper sauce fan.

I love the consistency of this sauce. It’s extremely thick. It’s also loaded with bits of the ingredient. Pieces of garlic, onion, and cilantro float in it, adding a layer of texture to any dish you add it to.. This is important for me where hot sauces are concerned. I prefer the chunky texture and the additional taste factor. The peppery aroma is a bonus.

This isn’t a beginner’s sauce. If you’re looking to hurt someone, you can add some Delicious Suffering to his food while he’s not looking. If you’re a fan of heat that delivers on the taste factor, you won’t be disappointed when you grab a bottle of Delicious Suffering Hot Sauce.

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