Deadman Hot Sauce Review

Back in the 1960s, Jan and Dean sang, “You won’t come back from deadman’s curve,” and it proved prescient when Jan was in a car accident on the same road mentioned in the song and suffered brain damage that lasted until he died a few years ago. Today, we have Deadman Hot Sauce, sporting a label that has the name of the sauce printed on yellow police tape and a chalk outline of a body with a bottle of the sauce lying nearby. Does this mean you won’t survive this sauce?

Well, there are no guarantees in life so who’s to say? But I will guarantee that you won’t find many classic red hot sauces that are hotter or more flavorful than Deadman. This is a sauce worth dying for because unlike most classic red hot sauces that are made with aged cayenne peppers, Deadman Hot Sauce is made with…er, aged red peppers.

But wait, that’s not all. The ingredients also include vinegar (standard), salt (standard), garlic (fairly standard these days), peri peri peppers (very unusual), chipotle peppers (not unheard of but still fairly uncommon), spices (standard), and xanthan gum (all too prevalent).

The addition of the peri peri (very hot) and chipotle (smoky and delicious) peppers makes all the difference in the world. The three-pepper blend offers exceptional heat that is wonderfully supported by the garlic. Hot and delicious, what more can you ask from a red hot sauce? Well, survivability, I guess, is one thing. So trust me, apply Deadman Hot Sauce to your favorite dishes and you will live to tell the tale. Not only that, you’ll be telling everyone you know that, while you won’t come back from deadman’s curve, you’ll always come back for more Deadman Hot Sauce.

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