Dave’s Ultimate Insanity Hot Sauce Review

You remember that scene from Spinal Tap, where Christopher Guest’s character Nigel Tufnel is showing off his amp that goes to 11? Most amps, of course, only go to 10, but Nigel proudly states that his goes “one louder.” The joke is that the loudest is whatever the top number is, whether it’s 10 or 11; the only reason to make it 11 is to be different. And maybe just a little louder.

That’s kind of what Dave’s Gourmet has done. Its Dave’s Insanity Hot Sauce bills itself as “the hottest sauce in the universe.” So where do you go from there? You guessed it: to 11. Dave’s Ultimate Insanity Hot Sauce also bills itself as “the hottest sauce in the universe.” And guess what? It’s definitely one louder….er, hotter. Actually, it may even be two or three hotter.

The secret to this lethal brew is that hot pepper extract follows red habaneros as the second item on the list of ingredients. Anytime you see “extract” on a hot sauce label you know it’s going to be killer. Usually it’s a few places down the ingredient list. Putting it number two is what makes the sauce go to 11. The other ingredients include red chiles, tomato paste, onions, and some other stuff, but don’t worry about that because you won’t taste them. They just make it red and thick and a little sweet and a little smoky (but not as smoky as Dave’s Insanity).

I tried a drop on its own and the heat pierced right through my tongue while toxic vapors corroded the roof of my mouth. Then it was time to try it with food. I happened to have some lentil soup in the fridge so I heated up a bowl. I added one drop (as advised on the label), stirred it, and tasted it. Just a little spicy. So then I added a second drop. Spicy, but not outrageously so. Some of the overall flavor of the sauce started to come through, though. 

Then I added a third drop. Now it became hot. For most people, probably, that level of heat would be the upper level of comfort. But I had to go to 11. So I added a fourth drop. That was the kicker. It was very hot, but I was still able to enjoy the soup…for  a while. I soon felt my hair getting wet. I was sweating through the top of my head and my moustache was soaked with sweat as well. I stopped eating the soup, afraid I’d have to change my clothes. You’d have to be crazy to use five drops; I guess that means Dave’s Ultimate Insanity Hot Sauce is aptly named.

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