Dave’s Hurtin’ Jalapeno Hot Sauce Review

Dave’s Gourmet, the maker of Dave’s Hurtin’ Jalapeno, began at the restaurant Burrito Madness with the invention of super hot Dave’s Insanity Sauce.  Soon Dave’s Gourmet was producing sauces that ranged from mild to “insanely hot,” and have since won numerous awards, including eleven from the prestigious National Association for the Specialty Food Trade.

First, the label for Dave’s Hurtin’ Jalapeno: the little red pepper roasting on a beach blanket in the sun gave me a chuckle, and the color scheme on the label was not at all obnoxious or loud.  The little pepper boasted the phrase “So Green, it’s Obscene,” a clever catch phrase that made me wonder just how I was going to wind up feeling about consuming something boldly described as “obscene.”

Upon pouring out my first taste of Dave’s Hurtin’ Jalapeno, all I could initially focus on was its thick consistency, similar to a wheatgrass shake.  Was this the obscene factor that the label had promised me?  This pulpy appearance is due to the first ingredient, chayote pulp.  Chayote is a squash-like plant that belongs to the gourd family along with melons, cucumbers, and squash.  First domesticated in Mexico, the fruit can be used both in raw and cooked forms; cooked chayote is generally prepared in a way similar to summer squash.  Raw chayote is often added to salads or salsas, and is rich in amino acids and in vitamin C.

There is a tangy flavor for sure, but no real kick.  In fact, I would consider adding another sauce to this one to bring up its spice factor a few notches.  The flavor comes off as more homegrown, due in part to fresh ingredients like chayote, pepper pulp, leeks, fresh coriander, jalapeno pepper pulp, and garlic.

Dave’s Hurtin’ Jalapeno is more of a salsa smoothie than a hot sauce.  Paired with tortilla chips it is delicious, and it’s good on Mexican food as a flavor booster, but definitely do not expect this sauce to pack a punch into that rice and bean burrito.  I would give its flavor a 4 (just get past the consistency of the sauce), but the spice factor a 0.  If you’re just getting into chili’s and/or have an extreme sensitivity to heat, you re in luck.  But if you’re looking for a green sauce with a bold zing, hold out for something else.

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