Dave’s Ultimate Insanity Hot Pepper Sauce Review

Dave’s Ultimate Insanity Sauce – From the beautiful, dark blood-red color and the sharp fragrance of Dave’s Ultimate Insanity, you know you’re in for something that should be sampled with caution. This is an explosive blast of heat that will bring the sweat out on your forehead and the tears to your eyes. That’s no exaggeration. Like many of the extreme hot sauces, Dave’s Ultimate Insanity has a heavy taste of the chemical found in peppers that causes pain. That’s because this sauce is loaded with pepper extract, straight from both the Red Savina Habanero and red chilies. The base is tomato paste. There’ some salt, onions, and cane vinegar in here to balance it out.

Dave’s Ultimate Insanity Sauce has some specific uses in my house. The bottle suggests you dilute the sauce with some type of oil. I like to add a few drops to some extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar, then add some whole chilies to the mix. It makes a great dressing for salad. I also add Dave’s Ultimate Insanity Sauce to a jar of green olives to give my olives a little kick. The olives go great on a meat and cheese tray and really do pick up the heat of Dave’s Ultimate Insanity.

Louisiana gumbo, with chicken and Kielbasa sausage, is one of my favorites. I like to make it hot. Two drops of Dave’s Ultimate Insanity add not only an appropriate heat level, but the peppery taste adds to the pure enjoyment a big bowl of gumbo brings.

As a cooking ingredient, you can’t beat Dave’s Ultimate Insanity. It adds heat and flavor. You have to be careful with it. It’s possible to over season with this sauce, making your food inedible. It takes a skilled cook to use it. Everybody has a different tolerance for heat, and I feel like mine is pretty high, but with this sauce, even the most experienced heat freak can lose his cool.

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