Da Bomb Ghost Pepper Sauce Review

Da Bomb Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce – People who are not fans of the habanero-lime taste will not be converted with this sauce. However, the lack in originality in the taste department is more than made up for with the heat.

Hot sauce aficionados are well aware of the dreaded (yet much loved) ghost pepper. Officially known as the bhut jolokia pepper, Guinness dubbed it the hottest chili pepper in 2007. Da Bomb Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce in all of its firey glory, is billed as “ghost pepper hot sauce.” This is somewhat misleading. Tomato paste, habanero and lime form the base to this sauce and ghost pepper powder makes a guest appearance.

The image of an atomic bomb on the bottle showcases the intent of this sauce: to explode in your mouth and annihilate your taste buds. In a market saturated in labeling that sophomorically describes (in graphic detail) the after effects of hot sauces, Da Bomb Ghost Pepper Sauce stands out. The packaging is no nonsense, complete with a blurb discussing the heat in Scoville units and a declaration that no pepper extract was used. This makes sense because the cleanly derived heat is the sauce’s selling point.

When I first opened the bottle, I was hit with an industrial smell, best described as motor oil mixed with tomato paste. It smelled sweet and dangerous. The first taste was instant fire, rocketing from the tip of the tongue to the back of the mouth and making my eyes water. The second taste gave a very dry, clean heat that impressed me.

Da Bomb Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce is nice for a clean burn. The heat hangs around while eating but the tingling isn’t (too) painful. IMPORTANT NOTE: this sauce burns into taste buds. Five spoonfuls in, I could neither escape the heat nor taste anything else.

A hit from Da Bomb Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce will make your head, nose and throat clearer. This product is a boon for people who appreciate a clean heat sensation from their hot sauces. If not overdone, the tomato paste base should cut the lasting effects of the heat.

This type of hot sauce would be excellent in sandwiches and rocked with tater tots! Unfortunately, the taste is somewhat boring, reminding me of a synthetic habanero/lime taste but Da Bomb Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce could be a great sauce for cooking, where you could utilize the heat and add more ingredients to amp the flavor. The heat from this sauce is smooth, wonderful and worth obtaining a bottle.

Da Bomb Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce

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