Da Bomb Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce Review

I was a little nervous to try Da Bomb Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce. I’ve had Da Bomb Ground Zero and it brought me to my knees. Since this one is made with the extremely hot Naga Jolokia, I expected to be punished with the intensity of the heat. In fact, I expected to find a sauce that was nearly unusable without mixing it sparingly in enough food to feed a hundred people.

I opened the Da Bomb Ghost Pepper Sauce and dipped the tip of a tooth pick in. I wanted to prepare myself.  You’ve heard the old saying, It will clear out your sinuses, right? Well, trust and believe that this sauce will do just that. It’s not as hot as Da Bomb Ground Zero, but it is a blistering smack in the face that will satisfy anyone who likes it hot enough to hurt.

Surprisingly, though, is the flavor of Da Bomb Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce, due in large part to the extremely satisfying flavor of the ghost pepper. While this sauce is meant to create a fire, it was also developed to be used. You won’t be dipping your chips in it or pouring it over a sub in large doses, but you can use it in several cooking and food preparations.

As if the Naga Jolokia weren’t enough, Da Bomb Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce includes fresh habaneros and some habanero powder. There’s also some lime juice concentrate and some mango puree to help round it out. Tomato paste helps give it body.

If you’re a chili fan, you’re going to love what a couple of drops of this sauce does to the taste. Don’t add more than a dime-size portion to a big bowl of chili or you may find it a little hotter than you can handle, but fear not, you don’t need more than that. A dime-size portion of this sauce absolutely brings any bowl of chili to life in terms of great taste and potent heat delivery. Both the ghost pepper and the habaneros play hardball with one another to deliver a combined taste that will have pepper lovers drooling. The pepper seeds from both peppers float freely in Da Bomb Ghost Pepper Sauce and add a delicious texture and finishing touch to the chili.

You can also add a drop of this sauce into any other hot sauce you’re using to give it additional flavor and heat. Like Da Bomb Ground Zero, I recommend you keep Da Bomb Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce away from kids, and unless you want to torture yourself, use it wisely.

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