Review of Da Bomb Ghost Pepper Sauce

This time Insane is truly insane!

This is “Atomic Eh?” and today I am spending some time in the kitchen. Just received a package from my favorite store, Insane and the first thing I pull out of the box is a new product called Da Bomb Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce. I hope it’s “Atomic!”

Everyone repeat after me, “Fear and trepidation!” Jolokia Peppers always make me think twice about using caution.

I love the Da Bomb products. They have three other bottles that you must experience to truly educate your palette, scar your taste buds or simply add to your collection.

I must admit, I have one of the others in my past collection, and it came in a really cool display case that has led me to not open that one for my collection’s sake. This one, The Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce I am happy to say, I have been looking forward to trying since I saw it first come out a little while ago.


The label looks ok. Nice color and threatens user with a bomb if used. I love that there is no extract. Should be a good flavor with lots of heat. My first concern is that when I look at the ingredients, Jolokia Chili Peppers is second to the last on the ingredients! It should be first! Why would I buy this sauce…because of the Jolokia! I got a feeling that, who ever created this recipe, got scared. It’s like they said, “If we put too much in it, we would never sell it.” Come on people, make it hot! Keep it hot. The bottle size is 4 oz; not too small, not too big. It is nice that they produce it in a unique bottle that mimics their line, not just a standard 5 oz bottle. The bottle boasts that this sauce is 22,800 Scoville Units. Sounds like a sauce one can use and not just threaten our friends and family dog with! I give the label a 3 out of five.  I think it would just blend in on a shelf.

 The opening…

Opens easily, even for the most challenged. I appreciate that! Sauce looks thick and rich as I shake it. As I smell it my mouth begins to salivate. I can smell the Jolokia Peppers and my body instantly reacts! As I force myself to not run screaming from the room (I still remember a recent Jolokia brownie experience), I pour a little on a spoon. This sauce is thick. Almost like a paste. It smells great! I give the first impression a 4 out of 5 rating.


Whenever tasting sauce, always use a metal spoon. Toothpicks absorb the capsaicin and rob you of the sauce’s true potential. The sauce tastes very good. It’s very fruity and bold. I can taste the mango and the Jolokia, but there are huge seeds in it. At first that was appealing because I knew there was going to be good pepper flavor in the sauce. The flavor lingers but so do the seeds! It has some comfortable heat. It’s definitely something to NOT be afraid of. Surprise! I would use it as a dipping sauce, salsa additive, even on some ribs from the barbeque. I am looking forward to putting this on everything! I give the taste a 3 out of 5 rating.

So I ask you, my fellow chili heads, is it atomic eh? I give Da Bomb Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce a 3 ½ out of five. Not quite atomic, but definitely something I would stock in my cabinet. Made in America. I love that! Jolokia is a great hot fruity chili pepper and I welcome the use of it. Thanks Insane! I will be going on line to place my order today! As for me, “Atomic Eh?”  I am off to barbeque! Keep it hot!

Ok, ok…side note. Its hours later and I liberally applied this sauce to a mild mango salsa and stirred it up.  As I type this review I am drooling all over my keyboard! This stuff is hot!

 I must admit to you, I love it.


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