Da Bomb Beyond Insanity Review

“Da Bomb,” a version of “The Bomb,” may refer to a nuclear weapon, ala the atomic bomb, or to an English language idiom to characterize something as awesome (for example, “did you see the concert last night?  It was ‘da bomb!’” Unfortunately for everyone involved, this hot sauce’s flavors embodied more of the former definition and contained no trace of the latter.

From the moment that I held the small glass bottle that houses Da Bomb Beyond Insanity in my hot little hand, I was wary.  Reminiscent of the bottle that Alice discovers labeled “Drink Me” in Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland,” I had an inkling that this hot sauce was going to either make me immediately smaller (as a direct result of shedding layers of clothes due to Da Bomb’s heat index), or swiftly grow larger (as my tongue swelled with spice/heat).  But which would it be?

A preliminary sniff of the open bottle gave up a plastic, rubbery smell that was both unpleasant and immediately singed my nose hairs.  I carefully poured a small amount of the thick liquid onto a small saucer, and then dipped a bite of green pepper and onion omelette into the liquid.  I raised it up, swallowed, and waited.  What came next was an immediate, uncomfortable burning that consumed my throat and would not let the inside of my mouth rest.  It was HOT.  But not a satisfying, full bodied and flavorful heat – an uncomfortable, painful taste that instead caused my left eye to release a steady stream of tears and found me taking off my sweatshirt despite having just stepped into a cold apartment from a chilly winter’s night in New England.  Make no mistake – this was not an enjoyable flavor.

The bottom line is, do not let that quaint little bottle fool you.  Da Bomb will annihilate your taste buds, make no mistake.  But the result will be more detrimental than delightful.

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