Da Bomb Beyond Insanity Hot Sauce Review

I just discovered a new way to lose weight. It’s called the Da Bomb Diet, and it features Da Bomb Beyond Insanity hot sauce. You see, I read recently that a lot of overweight people eat too fast, and therefore their bodies don’t have a chance to register the sensation of feeling full, which means that fast eaters also tend to eat too much. Da Bomb solves that problem by making a sauce so insanely hot that you can’t help but eat any food touched by it extremely slowly.

Da Bomb makes a couple of varieties of hot sauce; Beyond Insanity likely is a shot at Dave’s Insanity, which can also be used as a weapon of sorts.

With a combination of habaneros, chipotle puree, and “habanero-infused flavor,” Beyond Insanity manages to tip the scales at an impressive 119,700 Scoville units. This means that the label’s warnings to use “extreme caution” and to apply the sauce one drop at a time are well worth heeding.

But I, intrepid hot sauce reviewer that I am, decided I would test my own limits. So to a plate of stir-fried chicken, I added two drops of Beyond Insanity. I mixed it up and had a couple of bites. Oh yes, this was hot, very hot. There was a definite sensation of pain on my tongue but it was still a pleasure-pain. Then I decided to up the ante and add two more drops to the plate. And here’s where the diet was born.

I ate one bite and immediately had to nibble on bread and drink some iced tea. Then I had to walk around the kitchen for about five minutes before my tongue and palate stopped writhing and were close to ready to accept another bite of food. I continued at this pace until I finished and the pain was near-excruciating. My brow was sweating and my nose was running but I felt great satisfaction at having finished my food. Best of all, I had eaten slowly and gotten some walking in as well. Furthermore, the sauce itself has no fat and no calories (and because the first ingredient is orange juice concentrate, you also get 2% of your daily allowance of vitamin C).

Whether or not the Da Bomb Diet catches on, there’s no question that Da Bomb Beyond Insanity packs a powerful payload. Buy one bottle for a friend – and another to give to an enemy.

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