Crazy Mother Pucker’s Cayenne Concoction Hot Sauce

Crazy Mother Pucker’s Cayenne Concoction Hot Sauce is simply a Very Good sauce which deserves accolades. I am sure that everyone in Tallahassee FL and Mobile AL know it and have some in their hot sauce vaults. It comes from Deltin, FL which aside Fort Walton Beach. This is a smallish but very busy resort town on the Barrier Island coast of western Florida.

Fort Walton is a snow-bird destination but the Puckers rely more on the local trade: college students and bureaucrats from the east; red-necks from all over. Note: these are not necessarily distinct groups. They operate under the umbrella of a larger entity known as “Fud Central” which supplies a little of everything the tourista might need. Yeah, it took me a while to get past the ridiculous “Fud” and “Puck” stuff too. But again – consider the local trade…

“Down on the Bayou” of the Gulf Coast means one thing – shrimp, shrimp, shrimp. If you’re gonna make a hot sauce you’re gonna have to think “shrimp-dippin” – first, last, always. It is clear that the Puckers know that and have held close to this truth. Gotta be honest here: the entire Gulf Coast is sorta inbred. Thus there is a certain commonality to sauces – Tabasco setting the tone for the Delta genre.

I have had some bad Tabasco wanna-be’s from down this way. But with Crazy Mother Pucker’s Cayenne Concoction Hot Sauce we have something entirely different: a very nice mix of heat (4-5) and flavor in the Caribbean (not Delta) tradition! This is about as close to a true Carib Sauce as I have found in the domestic market and it simply screams for fresh-boiled shrimp and hush-puppies. If y’all don’t know of what I speak then get ye to the Gulf Coast and take you sum larrnin’. The Puckers (or Fuds? or whoever) give you 5.7 oz. in a slightly-convex, flat bottle; my preference to the standard 5 oz. bottles. Like a hip-flask this allows you easily carry the stuff around should you find yourself in need.

The label is unreadable: light lettering on a background of iridescent sheen. Just as well with all the Fud and Puck stuff. The ingredients include cayenne and habanero, garlic, anchovies, tamarind, two wine vinegars and THE Worcestershire sauce. Not your standard hot sauce role call. The peppers, ‘chovies etc. are chunky and can be clealry seen. And they are not suspended in a gel of Xanthum gum. Again I say: this how to treat your ingredients. DO NOT turn them into an indistinguishably weak puree that falls somewhere along the color spectrum. Or jiggles when you dip it. In general all hot sauces that either watery or gummy are to be passed over for a better product. Like Crazy Mother Pucker’s Cayenne Concoction Hot Sauce.

So: stupid name, lousy label, nice bottle, great ingredients, outstanding mix made for a niche market. I did manage to see (through the iridescent haze) that the label claimed: “This is a sauce that you will buy over and over again.”  I know I will. I recommend that you do too.

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