Crazy Mother Pucker’s Liquid Lava Review

Crazy Mother Pucker’s Liquid Lava is beautifully packaged, with a colorful cartoon label that has the characteristics of a hologram. The label features a cartoon duck who has presumably had his share of Liquid Lava, with a smoke ring exiting his puckered bill.The sauce itself is a pleasing deep reddish orange, with large pepper seeds and pieces of garlic dispersed throughout. This aesthetically pleasing presentation is the introduction to a designer hot sauce.

I opened the bottle and took a whiff; Crazy Mother Pucker’s Liquid Lava is one of the most aromatic hot sauces I’ve ever had the pleasure of filling my nostrils with. The garlic-rich aroma intoxicated me. Beneath the garlic, I could smell the aged red peppers and chili extract eager to get to get to work. There was no doubt this sauce was going to be hot.

While Mother Pucker’s Liquid Lava features traditional pepper sauce ingredients, the chili extract lifts it high above the heat level of most traditional pepper sauces. Liquid Lava also features a better consistency than most traditional pepper sauces. It’s easy to pour but thick enough to cling well to anything you use it on.

The heat level of Crazy Mother Pucker’s Liquid Lava is near the top of the chart. This sauce manages to find that fine line where heat and flavor still work together; any more heat would be too much, at least if what you’re after is a good balance of heat and flavor. In my younger days, I sought out hot sauces that were blistering, just to prove I could handle it. Today, age has made me more of a connoisseur. I like the heat, but I want it to be part of the sauce, not the feature attraction. Crazy Mother Pucker’s is right on the border, making it the perfect sauce if you want an immediate burn that still allows you taste your food.

Mother Pucker’s Liquid Lava is the perfect complement to grilled fish and shrimp. This sauce generously applied to seafood on the grill and topped off with a splash of lemon or lime is one of life’s finest culinary delights. I used this sauce as an ingredient in my chili as well. Half a bottle in a big pot of chili was all it took to infuse my chili with a nice warmth and peppery taste factor that I will now make a regular part of my chili recipe.

Crazy Mother Pucker’s Liquid Lava promises to pucker your pecker. Grab a bottle or two for your shelf. You won’t be disappointed.

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