Crazy Mother Pucker’s Habitual Jalapeno Hot Sauce Review

I’m a big fan of the creative use of alcohol beverages to enhance the flavor of hot sauces. Crazy Mother Pucker’s Habitual Jalapeno hot sauce contains tequila, and there couldn’t be a better combination than jalapeno peppers and strong tequila.

Before I even looked at the ingredients, I gave this one a taste straight from the bottle. The first thing that struck me was the overwhelming taste of alcohol. The presence of tequila is so strong in this mix, I believe you could get drunk on a bottle of it. The thing is, while the tequila is a big part of the flavor, the jalapenos jump right in there, using the tequila base to create a flavor explosion in your mouth.

If you’re not used to a strong alcohol content in your hot sauces, you’ll probably find Crazy Mother Pucker’s Habitual Jalapeno odd at first. It’s one of those sauces that grows on you, though. Even if you shake your head to the taste the first time, you’ll find yourself sneaking back for more, wondering how you might be able to put this truly different sauce to use. The sauce is green and infused with chunks of jalapeno pepper, which gave me some ideas about how to use it right away.

Crazy Mother Pucker’s Habitual Jalapeno hot sauce begs for Mexican food. The tequila and jalapeno combination make that pretty much a given. I knew whatever I tried it on, I was going to be pleased. I wasn’t prepared for exactly how pleased. As an addition to salsa, there’s nothing better than this sauce. You don’t even need the salsa, though. Habitual Jalapeno is good on corn tortilla chips by itself. Tacos, burritos, enchiladas, and nachos, and chimichangas — they’ll never be the same without a healthy dose of this sauce.

Like I said, Mexican food is obvious. What surprised me was how over-the-top good Habitual Jalapeno is as a hotdog topping. Load a hotdog up with red onion, cheese, and relish, then apply this sauce liberally and enjoy one of the best dogs you’ve ever eaten.

In addition to the tequila and jalapenos, there’s simply some light brown sugar, garlic, salt, and distilled vinegar. There’s also jalapeno powder. This is a slim list for me, but since the tequila and jalapenos play so well together, I don’t notice the lack of additional ingredients.

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