Crazy Mother Pucker’s Fire Roasted Fusion Review

Crazy Mother Pucker’s Fire Roasted Fusion Hot Sauce.  I gravitated towards this sauce because I have found a lot of hot sauces I like in the oddly shaped, flattish bottle (I’m sure it’s all psychological, but I’m sticking to my story!)

The insane looking chicken on the bottle looks as though his state secret is that Chernobyl actually happened in his mouth rather than Ukraine, and the label’s ‘heat scale’ indicates that this is the second-to-hottest level of sauce. But since we all know that bottles and labels rarely give you a great view of what is contained inside, I’ll share a little secret with you: this sauce rocks.

Crazy Mother Pucker’s Fire Roasted Fusion looks chunky and a bit darker red, really showing the fire roasted components with small black specks throughout.  The smell also reveals that classic fire-roasted smell, tomatoes, onions, and perhaps a whiff of a Worcestershire sauce-y smell. Round one? It looks good, it smells good. Yum.

The first taste makes you think that its hot and will just get hotter, but the heat is steady, and not too over the top. The smoky flavor is obvious but not overwhelming, and tastes like a genuine flavor, and not artificial. The more I ate Crazy Mother Pucker’s Fire Roasted Fusion, the more flavors I detected in it, and focused a lot less on the heat. Despite the high rating of heat indicated on the bottle, I would probably classify this sauce as having a more moderate heat – which works perfectly with the sauce’s other ingredients. Crushed tomato, veggie juice, roasted habanero mash, roasted garlic, and cilantro all make it onto the ingredient list, with a long list of other items. Water doesn’t show up until about halfway down on the ingredient list, which accounts for the thick, chunky sauce. Round two? Also yum.

Many hot sauces steer my culinary imagination towards spicy ethnic cuisines, but Crazy Mother Pucker’s sends me directly to my grill. Maybe it’s the ‘fire roasted’ ingredients, but I slathered it on burgers, chicken, pork chops, and portabellas during their stay on my Weber. This fire roasted fusion sauce also made an appearance as a dipping sauce for some grilled veggies, sweet potato fries, and, just for good measure, we tried it mixed with ketchup and cracked black pepper on top of tater tots. Because really, even if you don’t want to admit it, you love tater tots.

What may be most telling is that this sauce went from something we used a little bit at a time to something more akin to a barbeque sauce – good for slathering, grilling, dipping. Crazy Mother Pucker’s Fire Roasted Fusion is definitely a must buy – decently hot with rich, fire roasted flavors.

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