Cowtown Sweet Spot BBQ Rub Review

Cowtown Sweet Spot BBQ Rub – Cowtown barbecue sauce is one of the finer barbecue sauces on the market, with a true Kansas City barbecue flavor that any barbecue fan will dig. It’s only natural to have a Kansas City Cowtown barbecue rub to go with it. Any rub that insinuates it can deliver the taste of Kansas City style barbecue better deliver. This one does. Not only does it deliver, it delivers big.

There’s sugar, salt, spices, Worcestershire sauce powder, tamarind, paprika, and a set of spices in Cowtown Sweet Spot BBQ Rub that were meant to be rubbed on your meat. Seriously, this is a rub you can apply straight to the meat before you throw it on the grill. If you really want to soak it in, combine the Cowtown Sweet Spot BBQ Rub with some olive oil and a couple shots of your favorite hot sauce, poke a few holes in your steaks, pork, chicken, or even your fish, and let it sit in the concoction overnight. Cook it up on the grill the next day and let the flavors of this rub shine through. It adds a distinct heat to your food, along with a sweet undertone that balances everything out.

There’s something in the rub I can’t quite identify. It’s good. I’ve tried time and again to place it, but it escapes me. Whatever it is, it adds to this rub and brings it a notch or two above just about any rub I’ve tried. There’s an art to creating the perfect rub. I’ve always found something missing from the mix. Maybe that ingredient I can’t identify in Cowtown Sweet Spot BBQ Rub is it. I believe KC’s Cowtown has found the “sweet spot.”

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