Colon Cleaner Review

Colon Cleaner Hot Sauce -  Hats off to Prof Phardtpounder. You’re an honest man. You live up to your word. My colon is now cleaned.  This sauce promises Capsaicin Extremus, and Capsaicin is the active agent in chili peppers that is also used in topical creams to release pain in joints. However, if pain relieving topical cream makes you run around the house begging someone to rip your tongue off and hose the rest of your mouth down with milk, then I’m not sure it’s working. But as a hot sauce, Colon Cleaner is top dog. No matter how much you enjoy heat, this Colon Cleanser is far beyond tolerable. Bet money on who can go the longest without needing a popsicle, and whoever can go 15 seconds will beat out the entire competition. The raging blaze of this sauce stays in your mouth as it is basically a Kryptonite to any heat represents.

The saltiness would zing up beans and rice or another food that needs one more flavor and at the end of every bite is a kick of mustard  that you notice while you’re sinus are cleansed and your eyes are watering.  The subdued elderly gentleman on the label can only represent one thing-your colon. Your emptied out clean as a whistle colon that will only have celery sticks passing through it for the next 15 minutes after eating Colon Cleaner Hot Sauce.

Colon Cleaner Hot Sauce

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