Choke Your Chicken Hot Sauce Review

Choke Your Chicken – From the people who have been bringing you some of the best hot sauces around comes Choke Your Chicken hot sauce by Insane Chicken. I’ve been waiting for Insane Chicken to create designer sauces using some of the best peppers around, and now it’s finally happened. Insane Chicken has taken advantage of the highly unique taste and aroma of the African Peri-Peri in Choke Your Chicken. One taste told me all I needed to know about Choke Your Chicken. Insane Chicken has taken insanity to another level. This is hands-down the best sauce I’ve ever tasted using the Peri-Peri pepper.

Open the bottle and you’ll start off with that mouth-watering savory scent that is distinct to the Peri-Peri. The aroma is enough to make your stomach juices churn for something to eat, and that something to eat better have Choke Your Chicken on it. Then there’s the deep orange, brown, and red tone of the sauce itself. Very appealing to the eye. The sauce pours easily without coming out of the bottle too fast, so you can control how much you use and where it goes.

Red wine vinegar, tomatoes, Peri-Peri peppers, jalapeno peppers, pepper extract (concentrated), herbs, spices, onion, and molasses make up this delightful sauce. There’s a slow heat here that will satisfy without hurting. Crafted along with the heat is a gourmet taste sensation that will have you finding reasons to use this sauce.

I used it as a steak sauce. It makes an incredible steak sauce. Toss out anything else you’ve been using and replace it with Choke Your Chicken.
Another great use is chicken wings. Grill your wings and paint this sauce on just a few minutes before you remove them, garnish the wings with some sliced red peppers, and serve it up.

As an added bonus, the bottle tells us no actual chickens were choked during the making of the sauce, which seals the deal for me. I don’t want anyone choking chickens while they make my sauce.

Grab a couple bottles of Choke Your Chicken hot sauces and keep them on hand. You will become a fan of the Peri-Peri and an even bigger Insane Chicken fan.

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