Chipotle Pepper and How to Use it in Cooking

Chipotle peppers have become popular in the past few years but many people don’t know that a chipotle pepper is basically a smoked jalapeno pepper.  It comes in many forms and can be used many ways.

Two of the most popular ways of using Chipotle pepper is in its ground form, which you can find at many markets with a large seasoning or international section or in a specialty store.  The other popular way to purchase chipotle is in an adobo sauce.  This adds more smoky and depth to the flavor of this pepper.
Many people use the ground form in rubs and as a seasoning on meats, fruits and veggies.  It is also used lightly in chocolate as an enhancer to the overall flavor and it works extremely well in this form. It adds a bit of heat to anything you add it to.

If you want to use the Chipotle in Adobo Sauce, you will find the peppers whole and pliable.  The peppers are spicy in this form as well, so start lightly and you can always add to it.  Try adding a few peppers to red sauces, chili, marinades or dressings to perk up the flavor and the heat.

Any way you want to use the Chipotle pepper you are going to enjoy its woody, smoky and spicy flavor.  Next time you want to try something new, get a few different forms of Chipotle peppers and see what delicious dishes you can come up with.  You will enjoy the new taste sensation!


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