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Have you heard about the Heine Hurtin’ Sweet n Hot Sauce?  This is a cool twist on a traditional dipping sauce as it is similar to a spreadable jelly.  Some people do not care for a BBQ type sauce with the tomato base.  This sauce can be used in several different ways too and it is a pure and simple sauce that you may want to check out.

The Heine Hurtin’ Sweet n Hot Sauce is also known as Heine Hurtin’ Jelly or Heine Hurtin’ Hot Sauce, but whatever you call it, it comes in an 8oz jar that is simple to use.  It really is a Jelly that is made for meat so the name is a misnomer.  The taste is sweet with a mild Jalapeno heat.

A perfect way to use this sauce is to try it with mixed in with some softened cream cheese as an appetizing cheese ball or softened up as a cracker spread. You can also grab a cream cheese brick and pour the sauce over it and serve with crackers.  Sounds like a delicious appetizer that will be gone in a minute.  You can also use it as a dipping sauce for any meats and you can serve it on the side with chicken, pork, lamb or add it in with eggs for breakfast.  If you are BBQing, then throw some on just before taking the meat off of the grill.

Heine Hurtin’ Sweet n Hot Sauce is made from the perfect blend of sugar, Jalapeno peppers and apple cider vinegar. It is a very unique recipe that was originally created by Carin Froehlich of Ingleby Farms in rural Bucks County, PA., but the recipe and name was sold to Chip Hearns back in 2002.   It has received numerous awards and mentions over the years.

If you are looking for something unique and different to try, check out the Heine Hurtin’ Hot Sauce for a nice twist on hot sauce.

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