Chatak Lime Pepper Sauce

Enjoying pepper sauces from all over the world is a fun and easy way to experience new tastes and flavors.  Here a different pepper sauce that you may not have heard of.  The Chatak Lime Pepper Sauce might be one you may want to give a try.

This hot pepper sauce is an imported gourmet food product from the country of Trinidad and Tobago but is readily available throughout the United States at both online and offline retailers. The sauce is manufactured by Chatak Food Products who also manufactures and sells other various hot sauce flavors worth checking out.

This hot pepper sauce is made from the perfect blend of red and yellow hot peppers, salt, limes and lime juice. It has a moderate lime flavoring so you can definitely taste the lime in this hot pepper sauce.  Sounds good to me! The product comes ready to serve or use as an ingredient in your favorite recipe and typically has a 1 year shelf life.

With the lovely lime flavor, this might be something to try in a mixed drink to spice it up a bit! Use it on chicken wings, grilled chicken breasts, in crab cakes or other seafood dishes or place a few teaspoons in your favorite beef or pork meatloaf recipe for a flavorful addition.  As a tip, when marinating meats, fish or poultry you will want to marinate your food in this delectable hot sauce for a minimum of 6 hours before baking or grilling so that the flavors infuse thoroughly before cooking.

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