Cattlemens BBQ Sauce Recipe

There are some staples in the BBQ world and one of them, in my opinion, is Cattlemen’s BBQ Sauce.  For a commercial sauce, it is dang good. The great thing about it is that you have several great yet different recipes and flavors to choose from.   Let’s take a look at their recipes and see what makes Cattlemen’s different.

Their Kansas City Classic™ is a combination of sweet and a bit of spicy pepper.  Nice thick tomato sauce base that sticks nicely on your ribs, chicken or other BBQ meats.  The Mississippi Honey BBQ™ by Cattlemen’s is a lovely recipe that is made with Grade A honey.  This sauce has a blend of sweetness along with the smokeyness that makes it perfect for traditional barbecue meats and select fish dishes.
Cattlemen’s also has the Memphis Sweet™ blend of BBQ sauce.  This sweet sauce is made with real sugar along with an added bit of spice. Not too spicy, this sauce adds the sweetness you love to your favorite ribs. Unfortunately the new Carolina Tangy Gold™ from Cattlemen’s is only available in the Southeastern US.  Now I am pretty sure that there are a lot of people that enjoy mustard based BBQ sauce recipes that live other places, but we will have to wait and see if this one comes out all over the US.

This sauce is mustard based, just like the name implies.  They take mustard seed, cayenne peppers and apple cider vinegar and blend it in with some lovely spices.  Can you just imagine what a pork shoulder would taste like after smoking 12 to 18 hours with this lovely sauce?
Next time you get a hankering for some traditional BBQ sauce or something just a bit different, check out the sauce recipes that Cattlemen’s has been serving up for 30 years.

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