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Bud Hot Wing Sauce

Nothing goes together greater than beer and wings.  Weekends, games and a bunch a friends grilling up some fabulous chicken wings and ribs bring to mind great times and delicious food.  Here is a hot wing sauce that you many want to check out.

Budweiser Hot Wing Sauce is made by the executive chefs from the Kingsmill Resort in Williamsburg, VA.  Together with the brew masters of Anheuser-Busch, they have come together to perfect a delicious recipe for this wing sauce.  This is a moderate to medium heat sauce with a nice butter flavor, a vinegary tang and a great pepper … Continue Reading

Uncle Dougie’s Chicago Style Chicken Wing Marinade Review

I want you to know that I am writing this immediately – I mean, immediately – after sampling the product. In fact, my nose is still running from the peppery heat. I love hot wings and I make them often, but Uncle Dougie’s Chicago Style Wing Sauce proves that you can teach on old dougie – er, doggie – new tricks.

Dougie prints a recipe for the wings right on the label, and though it differed from I usually make wings, I decided to do it his way. Well, right now, his way is the only way as far as I’m concerned. These were some very tasty wings and while they weren’t deadly hot, they had a nice even spiciness that made my nose run, my brow sweat, and my mouth asking for more.
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Defcon Defense Condition All-Purpose Wing Sauce Review

I’m a guy who likes big flavors and frankly, while I love buffalo wings I rarely make them. That’s because I make buffalo drumsticks. Bigger, get it? So when I got my hands on a bottle of Defcon’s wing sauce, I immediately went out and bought some nice meaty drumsticks. I seasoned them, backed them for an hour, tossed them with butter, then poured on the Defcon. (Just as a side note, I’m not a big fan of either celery or bleu cheese dressing; I prefer a nice, vinegary cole slaw as a side to my drumsticks.)

And then I ate them. All of them. This stuff was awesome. And while it’s only the medium heat version, they were plenty spicy; spicy enough for most people except the freaks (like me) who like really, really, spicy wings. Continue Reading

Black Swan’s Wing Commander Review

Black Swan’s Wing Commander wing sauce falls into the category of sauces you will either love or hate. Black Swan’s Wing Commander is billed as a spicy wing sauce, which it most definitely is.

There’s no heat here, but the sauce imparts a distinct Asian flavor personality that is sure to please anyone who has a taste for Asian cosine. The inclusion of honey, sesame seed, soy sauce, and fresh ginger attribute to the Asian characteristics, with mustard flour, salt, two types of vinegar (distilled white and malt), red peppers, and additional spices rounding out the ingredient roster.
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Hooters 3 Mile Island Wing Sauce Review

Hooters 3 Mile Island Wing Sauce is a hot combination of pepper ingredients that include aged red cayenne peppers, aged red Tabasco peppers, jalapeno peppers, and aged habanero peppers. While this sauce isn’t going to burn any holes in your tongue, it’s quite a bit hotter than the original Hooters Wing Sauce.

Hooters 3 Mile Island is a classic wing sauce with an appealing flavor and enough heat to warm your lips and keep them that way. There’s a bit of a heavy vinegar overtone to the sauce, but it disappears in the cooking process, leaving behind a peppery heat. Continue Reading

Quaker Steak and Lube Buckeye BBQ Review

This is the kind of barbecue sauce that will have even the pickiest barbecue sauce connoisseurs nodding their heads in excited agreement over the quality of what’s inside the bottle. Made by the same folks who make Louisiana Lickers Sauce, Quaker Steak and Lube Buckeye BBQ is a surprising treat straight out of the bottle.

This is another plate-licking delight. Following the same everything-but-the-kitchen-sink style of ingredient combination as it’s Louisiana Lickers Sauce counterpart, Buckeye BBQ includes ketchup, hot sauce, Tabasco Sauce, cayenne pepper sauce, ginger, and corn syrup. The result is a very sweet sauce with an underlying heat that creeps up on you.

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Hooters Wing Sauce Review

There are people who swear by Hooters hot wings. The original Hooters Wing Sauce can now be purchased in a jar, from the Hooters kitchen to yours, allowing you to enjoy Hooters hot wings in the comfort of your own home.

Let’s start with the sauce in the jar. It’s bright orange and has an extremely pasty consistency. Don’t bother tasting it straight from the jar. You’ll get the wrong impression. It doesn’t taste very good that way. Something happens when you heat it up, though. There’s a transformation that turns the Hooters Hot Sauce into Super Hooters. Continue Reading

Quaker Steak and Lube Louisiana Lickers Sauce Review

I could write a book about Louisiana Lickers Sauce. The ingredients alone would fill a book, so I won’t be listing all of them; I’ll simply talk about the ingredients I feel play a primary role in this sauce’s success.

First off, Quaker Steak’s Louisiana Lickers Sauce is billed as a wing sauce, and make no mistake about it, this is one of the finest sauces you could ever top your chicken wings with. I did it and ate a baker’s dozen in one sitting. It was a beautiful experience. The thing is, I think I could drink this sauce straight from the bottle and be perfectly happy. Continue Reading

Uncle Dougie’s Chicago Style Chicken Wing Sauce Review

Uncle Dougie’s Chicago Style Chicken Wing Sauce is a marinade that’s spicy without being hot. Red peppers, peppers, and malt vinegar make up the bulk of the flavor, with a little sugar and some spices and seasonings thrown in for good measure.

Nothing fancy, but definitely a tasty marinade for chicken wings, chicken breast, or even as a turkey injection sauce (with melted butter added).

The marinade needs to be shaken well to blend the spice and season ingredients, which settle to the bottom of the bottle. Continue Reading