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Gringo Bandito Pepper Sauce Review

Hello Chili Heads! It’s a new year and Zest Fest is right around the corner. Those of us that are truly dedicated to all things spicy are now wondering what “atomic” sauces are going to be presented at the show. In a few short weeks, we will know and I bet you can find all those new sauces right here at Insanechicken.com! I found a new sauce to try and I want to tell you about it.
Gringo Bandito Hot Sauce.

For those of you that love rock ‘n roll and hot sauce, this sauce review should be … Continue Reading

Marie Sharp’s Habanero Hot Sauce Review

Hello Chili heads!

The colorful Christmas decorations are up outside and I am freezing! The cold weather is right for the holiday season, but not always right for me. This is “Atomic Eh?” and once again I am looking for something to, “bring the heat on,” as we say in my family home. Something tropical, something a tad exotic would be nice. If I can’t go there today, then why can’t I bring it here? I have a hot pepper sauce that will “light you up” for the holidays.

Coming from Belize, South America (actually Insanechicken.com) is a Habanero Pepper sauce that will bring some of that fire in your life that you might be missing these winter months. Now it might not help you get all snuggly with the spouse these fine holiday days, but it will cause you to sit up at the dinner table and yell, “Pass me some more of that barbeque baby!” That’s “atomic” in my book. So if Santa is reading…I want some of this in my stocking!

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Buddha Bill’s Tequila Lime Hot Sauce Review

Hey Chili heads!
Do you have the fire starter that you need for the Holidays?
It’s Thanksgiving time and I propose the question, ‘How much fire starter do we need in our lives?” Being that it’s winter here, I spend the first 10 minutes of my return home from work getting a fire started in the fireplace. It seems like I always have big chunks of wood to choose from but I’m always lacking the kindling material to get the fire going. Continue Reading

Choke You Chicken Peri-Peri Hot Sauce Review

Hello Chili heads and fellow BBQers extraordinaire!

It’s that time of year again where we look forward to that special day.  It’s the day that we stuff ourselves (oops, I mean the turkey) to the point of exploding and then we are barbequing, baking, or frying it to perfection. Right now, some weirdoes out there are probably reading this and asking themselves, “What about boiling it?” As for “Atomic Eh?” I’ll say this once…I don’t boil meat! It’s all about the BBQ baby! Mrs. Eh? is reminded by my introduction of her great Grandmother boiling chicken with … Continue Reading

Slap Your Mama Hot Pepper Sauce Review

Hello fellow Chili Heads! It’s another great day in hot sauce country, and this is “Atomic Eh?” shouting out to you from California. Life is good here but my fridge is running low on sauce, so I had to contact my friend Chris at Insanechicken.com for a new “Atomic” sauce to try.
This one is called:
“So good you’ll want to…SLAP YOUR MAMA!”

This one looks great! The label displays an old lady that has a red handprint on her face. The maker is Habby Habanero, and I can’t help but wonder what his relationship is like … Continue Reading

357 Mad Dog Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce Review

It’s almost Halloween time fellow Chili Heads!

It’s time for a spooky rendition of a very old recipe, namely called (in many circles) HOT SAUCE! Insane Chicken.com has another great sauce for you to try…if you’re not too scared or intimidated by it. It’s a ghostly concoction that is guaranteed to fry the holiday demons (or other scary things) right out of you! Continue Reading

InsaneChicken’s Cluckin’ Hot Ghost Pepper Sauce Review

Hello Fellow Chili Heads
Sauce Lovers Extraordinaire!

This is “Atomic Eh?” reporting in on a very exciting, very heated, and internally explosive “Atomic” product. First we must begin with…”Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy HOT SAUCE!!!!!” Okay, okay, maybe not, but you may wish to become a little “spiritual” before you try it. For some, it could be an idol to put on a shelf, for others it could be a way to “squawk” in foreign tongues, and for others it might just take you to your knees in … Continue Reading

Professor Phardtpounders Colon Cleaner Hot Sauce Review

Professor Phardtpounders
Colon Cleaner Hot Sauce
Elixer of Capsaicin Extremus

Hello again! It’s “Atomic Eh?” greeting you on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. What plans do you have for your very near future? I guess the real question is, “Will it be atomic?” I have sitting next to me some sauce sent to me by InsaneChicken.com, who, by the way, seems to have everything for you culinary “Atomic” pleasure.  This sauce looks ruthless! I can’t wait to try it.

Label: 4 out of 5
I love the vintage look to … Continue Reading

Professor Phardtpunders Colon Cleaner Hot Sauce Review

Colon Cleaner Hot Sauce Review – Hello again! It’s “Atomic Eh?” greeting you on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. What plans do you have for your very near future? I guess the real question is, “Will it be atomic?” I have sitting next to me some sauce sent to me by InsaneChicken.com, who, by the way, seems to have everything for you culinary “Atomic” pleasure.  This sauce looks ruthless! I can’t wait to try it.

Label: 4 out of 5

I love the vintage look to this bottle. Very cool black label with a red top wrapper…makes me wonder if it’s the medicine that is just what the doctor ordered. Continue Reading

InsaneChicken’s Fire Roasted Habanero Hot Sauce Review

Hey fellow Chili Heads!

This is “Atomic Eh?” bringing you another searing heat story! I am looking for the most “atomic “ sauce out there, and I want to share this one with you. Continue Reading

Review of Da Bomb Ghost Pepper Sauce

This time Insane Chicken.com is truly insane!

This is “Atomic Eh?” and today I am spending some time in the kitchen. Just received a package from my favorite store, Insane Chicken.com and the first thing I pull out of the box is a new product called Da Bomb Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce. I hope it’s “Atomic!”

Everyone repeat after me, “Fear and trepidation!” Jolokia Peppers always make me think twice about using caution. Continue Reading

Gringo Bandito Sauce Review

Gringo Bandito Hot Sauce – Gringo Bandito’s label says it all;  The too-cool for school hombre on the front of the bottle may look laid-back, but he’s got plenty of ammo in his bandoliers to get the job done.   Gringo Bandito’s relatively low heat allows you to slather it with gusto on anything under the sun without later wishing you could cut your tongue out, but the sauce packs enough firepower and delicious flavor to keep your taste buds from taking a siesta.  This lightweight yet zesty vinegar-based sauce  sneakily turns a dull pile of eggs or a bland burrito into Cinco de Mayo of the face.  There’s no need to worry about problemas south of the border, as the heat comes off with a pleasant warm tingling sensation that even a dyspeptic grandmother could handle. The robust combination of habaneros, jalapenos, and chilis won’t overwhelm your food, it will just make it taste a million times better.
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Cluckin’ Hot Ghost Pepper Sauce Review

Insane Chicken’s Cluckin’ Hot Sauce – InsaneChicken sells the world’s finest hot sauces, so why make their own? Simply, because they’re damned good. Insane Chicken’s Cluckin’ Hot Sauce is described on the label as a ghost pepper (popular name of the mega-hot bhut jolokia) sauce, but in fact it’s a potent blend of peri peri peppers, ghost peppers, and concentrated pepper extract, which adds up to one fiery concoction.

Cluckin’ Hot Ghost Pepper Sauce is a nice, very thick reddish-brown sauce, with the peppers floating in a stew of red wine vinegar, tomatoes, onion, and molasses. I like that the thickness of the sauce means that it stays where you put it, rather than dripping off meat or spilling all over the plate. Continue Reading

Mad Dog Inferno Reserve Review

Mad Dog Inferno Reserve Hot Sauce – You can see the trouble waiting for you through the bottle. Mad Dog Inferno is dark brown with some blood or brick red overtones. You can see the concentrated pepper extract waiting for you — daring you — to give it a try. Unless you are bullet proof, this stuff should be used sparingly, and if you seriously want to taste it straight from the bottle, as I did, you need to limit your intake. I would not be going overboard telling you to sample with a toothpick. Seriously, that’s all you need to get the message.

The ingredients here are vinegar, molasses, concentrated pepper extract, garlic, jalapeno pepper, onion, habaneros, chile extract, clove, and some herbs and spices. With this much extract, you know it’s not for the innocent. Continue Reading

Great White Shark Predator Review

Great White Shark Predator Hot Sauce – Like the predator this sauce is named for you, it creeps out at from the swirling dark blue waters to attack. I really expected a fairly mild heat level to this one and was surprised to find that its bite is as deadly as the Great White Shark’s.

The burn here is slow and almost sensual. It begins with a sharp hit, then backs off to allow you to enjoy the taste of the sauce, then it begins building again, until you find yourself wiping the sweat from your brow. That first taste and this experience are worth the price of a bottle. Continue Reading

Georgia Peach and Vidalia Onion Pepper Sauce Review

Georgia Peach and Vidalia Onion Hot Sauce – This is what I like to refer to as a designer sauce. Not only is it a designer sauce, it is so finely crafted that it can be referred to as a work of art. The hook for this sauce is the Georgia peaches and the Vidalia onions, both of which provide an intensely sweet flavor that never overpowers the senses. This sauce perfectly complements anything you use it with. It’s a highly versatile sauce and one you need to keep on hand in quantity because it is so addicting and so functional.

If heat is your thing, you won’t get the kick you’re looking for here. Continue Reading

Mad Dog 357 Hot Pepper Sauce Review

Mad Dog 357 Hot Sauce – 357, 000 on the Scoville heat scale. That’s damn hot. The label has a long list of terms of agreement before you use this sauce. That’s because Mad Dog sauces are violently hot. If you’re one of those guys or girls that like pain, this is a sauce for you.

I’ve tried it alone and with foods. Even as an additive to other foods, Mad Dog 357 is only marginally workable, and then only if you have enough common sense to use it in moderation.

There’s not a whole lot to this sauce.  Vinegar, chile extract, cane juice, habanero peppers, garlic, onion, and cayennes that measure 160,000 on the Scoville chart themselves. Continue Reading

Wimp Retardant Hot Sauce Review

Wimp Retardant Hot Sauce – Actually, the full name of this sauce is Professor Payne Indeass’s Butt Blazin’ Recipe #3 Wimp Retardant Hot Sauce, but that seemed like an awfully long title for a review. The old-timey label features a man, presumably Professor Payne Indeass (get it?) himself, arms outstretched with a bottle in his hand, a top hat on his head, and his mouth open wide. I can just imagine him saying “Step right up…” A crowd gathers around the edges of what appears to be a picture frame. I like that the label leaves about an inch and a half of the back of the bottle uncovered so that you can easily see the pepper seeds floating around inside. I rate the old-fashioned packaging 5/5. It creates the feel they seem to be going for.

Habanero peppers are the first ingredient. Continue Reading

Smoky Iguana Chipotle Pepper Sauce Review

The label of Smoky Iguana Chipotle Pepper Sauce features a rare sight: an iguana smoking a cigar — in camouflage, no less. He is climbing onto a rock, apparently leaving the flames of battle behind him, as he smokes his victory cigar. His name is Iggy, of course, and there is a cute little story about his adventures on the side of the bottle. The slogan tells us, “It’s so good, it’s smokin’.” Aside from the implied heat of the flames on the label, this sauce makes no claims of extreme heat. It even describes itself as “Smoky, savory and sort’a hot.” When so many milder sauces seem to feel the need to describe themselves as the hottest stuff on the planet, such honesty is refreshing. I freely give this label 5/5 for its creativity. Continue Reading

Widow Hot Sauce Review

Widow Hot Sauce – First of all, if you have forgotten what the bottle looked like when you placed your order, you will likely be quite startled as, while unpacking your order, you find a big black spider on the bottle. Not on the label — on the bottle! It’s plastic, of course, but the two seconds it took me to process that fact were quite disturbing. The yellow, black, and red label also features a black widow — with the distinguishing red hourglass on her belly — sitting in a web. Blood drips from both her fangs and from the words “Widow” and “No Survivors.” There is also a warning that reads, “Extremely HOT SAUCE. Use one drop at a time!” I give the dramatic, attention-getting label 5/5. You really can’t help but notice it — and perhaps wonder whether you are up to the challenge. Continue Reading

Mountain Man Roasted Corn, Garlic, and Chipotle Sauce Review

Mountain Man Roasted Corn, Garlic, and Chipotle Sauce – This Mountain Man sauce is everything you’d expected from the finely crafted sauces Mountain Man puts out. Those sauces include Mountain Man Garlic Pepper Sauce and Mountain Man Roasted habanero Sauce. Mountain Man sauces are exquisite blends of ingredients and unique flavors to tickle the palate. I mean, really, give me a break. Just take a look at the name of this sauce. It makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

Apple cider, vinegar, chipotle peppers,  roasted corn, tomato puree, molasses, garlic, salt, and brown sugar. Continue Reading

Melinda’s XXXtra Reserve Hot Sauce Review

Melinda’s XXXtra Reserve sports a bright-as-fire orange color and a beautiful, thick consistency. Habaneros, carrots, lime juice, onions, vinegar, and salt make up this sauce, with a pepper seeds worked in throughout for texture and added flavor.

Despite the name, this sauce isn’t intensely hot. It’s warm for sure, but it isn’t going to send anybody rushing to cool things down. What it is, however, is a finely crafted sauce with a delicate balance of its ingredients and a substantially good flavor.

Melinda’s XXXtra Reserve tasted great on tortilla chips with nothing else. Continue Reading

Nuckin’ Futs Hot Pepper Sauce Review

Nuckin’ Futs Hot Sauce – Besides having a really cool name, this sauce can boast about how hot it is. This is the sort of heat that die-hard hot sauce and chili heads like to brag about. Here’s the deal, though. This sauce is off the charts when it comes to heat. The pepper here is habanero, which we all know packs quite a punch, but the extract added to boost this famously hot pepper is what sends it over the edge. If you decide to give it a try, be prepared for a shot of heat that will bring you to your knees.

With this heat comes flavor. The very first thing you taste is the flavor. Continue Reading

Joe Perry’s Mango Peach Tango Review

Joe Perry’s Mango Peach Tango Hot Sauce – I’m tempted to say that Joe Perry’s Rock Your World Mango Peach Tango Hot Sauce is as hot as his playing, but the truth is that I’m not the world’s biggest Aerosmith fan. In fact, I wish they’d just break up already without all the rehab drama. So I’m not going to make any musical comparisons and the only thing I’ll say about Joe Perry himself is that he makes a damned fine hot sauce.

The original Boneyard Brew flavor of Perry’s is a bit hotter than its follow-up, Mango Peach Tango, but I suppose that’s to be expected, considering the additional fruity flavors in this product. Continue Reading

Blair’s Ultra Death Sauce with Jersey Fury Hot Sauce Review

Blair’s Ultra Death Sauce with Jersey Fury – The sauce doesn’t even sound like it plays nice. I’ve had plenty of Blair’s ultra hot sauces. There are enough of them, believe me: Blair’s Mega Death Sauce with Liquid Rage, Blair’s Original Death Sauce, Blair’s Pure Death with Jolokia, and now Blair’s Ultra Death Sauce with Jersey Fury.

Just what the hell is Jersey Fury anyway?

Like all of the Blair hot sauces, this is over-the-top hot. It’s dangerous, simple as that. Blair sauces also have the distinction of tasting great on top of the heat. There are no preservatives, which truly does shine through when you taste the sauce. Continue Reading

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