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Make Grilled Pepper Veggie Pouches Easily

Peppers are a very versatile fruit.  They are wonderful in so many different ways.  Including them as your veggie side dish is really easy when you grill them in foil packets alongside of your meats.  This is a great method so you can enjoy your veggies grilled but not char them.

One of the easiest ways to grill peppers on a backyard barbecue grill is to make some homemade grill pouches out of aluminum foil and just place them directly onto your grill’s rack. You will need a piece of aluminum foil that measures about 12″ square and you will want … Continue Reading

Spicy and Salty Hot Pepper Pretzels

Many of us have certain cravings during the day.  Some may be sweet; some may be salty.  Many of our hot sauce lovers have spicy cravings.  Well, if you are looking for a spicy and salty snack to curb your snack cravings, here is a really easy to prepare recipe for all of you pepper lovers out there.  I think you will enjoy it!

Spicy and Salty Hot Pepper Pretzels

  • 6-7 ounce bag of mini or waffle shaped salted pretzels
  • 2 tablespoons unsalted butter
  • 3 teaspoons salt-free soy sauce
  • 1/2 teaspoon dried cayenne pepper
  • 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder

Melt the butter in your … Continue Reading

How to Prepare and Use Asian Chile Paste

Every Asian region has their favorite condiments and when you go to Asian restaurants, you will see their seasonings and condiments on the tables.  The Asian Chile Paste is a favorite of locals due to the heat index and the flavor enhancement gained using it.

Chile Paste is made using a blend of hot peppers, oil, garlic and salt.  A simple recipe but one that can change the flavor of your food in an instant.  Regionally, there are different chile pastes for Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, and Szechuan and their cooking styles.  These are all very spicy as they use hot chile … Continue Reading

Buffalo Wings | What’s Your Style?

Buffalo Wings have been popular among adults for so many years.  Developed in the 1960’ in Buffalo New York, they have become their own food group in many homes and restaurants because of their popularity.  Buffalo Wings are also an extremely diverse food with multitudes of different recipes to experiment with so you can find your perfect mixture.

Buffalo wings range from mild to wild and can be enjoyed anyway in between.  Cooks are creating interesting ways to flavor the meat or the sauce or in many cases, both.  You can find recipes that take the mild regular table pepper with … Continue Reading

The Versatility of a Pepper

One of the greatest benefits of a chile pepper is that they are so versatile.  You can use them in a sauce today and a sandwich tomorrow.  You can eat them raw, cooked, roasted, fresh or dried.  With the large range of different uses, the pepper is a favorite item for many cooks.

The fact that one pepper can give so many different flavors is a great indicator at how unique a pepper really is.  The jalapeno pepper is one of the most popular peppers and is truly a taste and flavor enhancer to many different foods and in many different … Continue Reading

Facts about the Pimiento or Cherry Peppers

Did you know that the weird red stuff in the middle of your olive is really a pepper?  Also known as pimento peppers, cherry peppers are heart-shaped and are a good size pepper, measuring about two to three inches long and about three inches wide. They are similar in looks to a cherry tomato. These peppers are actually very mild, scoring about a 500 on the Scoville Heat Index.  The cherry pepper has more of a sweeter flavor than hot; tasting somewhat like a red bell pepper.

The Cherry pepper is extremely easy to grow and is a favorite in many … Continue Reading

Enjoying the Sweet Hot Mixture – Chili Pepper Candy

It is hard to believe there are so many pepper fanatics out there.  The amount of products that you can find with peppers in them is mind boggling. But in the effort to keep our readers in the know, here is a different way to experience your love of peppers.  For those that love sweet and hot together… enjoy some chili pepper candy.

Chili Pepper candy has been a favorite of Mexico and other countries for hundreds of years.  In fact, the love of chili peppers in the US has been growing in recent years and is finally coming more and … Continue Reading

Learning about Pablano Pepper’s and Ancho Chile’s

There are so many different types of peppers that are available for cooking and eating that it can be overwhelming to keep them straight.  Which pepper is good for this dish or that one?  Here is some information to help you learn a bit more about the popular Pablano pepper and its sister the Ancho chile.

The Pablamo pepper is one of the most popular peppers, next to the Jalapeno. You may find it under the name Pasilla.  A native of Mexico, it is used in a variety of ways, both fresh and dried.  The flavor is mild and the spiciness … Continue Reading

What is a Scotch Bonnet Pepper and how is it Used?

Every country has specialty peppers that grow well in that particular climate and are used in local dishes lending to the unique flavors for the area.  The Scotch Bonnet pepper is one of those peppers.

Found normally in Caribbean areas like Jamaica, Barbados and Haiti, as well as West Africa, the Scotch Bonnet is considered a very hot pepper, ranging on the Scoville Scale from 100,000 to 350,000 units.  The Scotch Bonnet has a very distinct flavor and is used in traditional Caribbean dishes, especially in pork and chicken jerk recipes, making a true flavor statement.  Also used in traditional West … Continue Reading

Enjoying Your Peppers with a Bit of Chocolate

I know this may sound weird from the title but chocolate and peppers have enjoyed a long history.  Here are several ways that chocolate and peppers have been blended together for delicious treats.  Maybe there are a few you would enjoy.

Jalapeno’s: These are peppers are great when drizzled with melted dark, milk or white chocolate. For a really spicy sweet treat, drizzle all three chocolates around all sides of the jalapeno and let them cool down to set. Once cool, store them in an airtight container.

Sweet Green & Red Bell Peppers: Slice these peppers into rings or semi-thick strips. Melt … Continue Reading

How to Make a Homemade Chili Pepper Martini

Make a splash at your next party with fabulous Chili Pepper Martini’s. You can make your own homemade Chili Pepper Martini’s at home with very little effort and it is the perfect drink to serve at your next chili pepper themed party.  It will take a bit of pre work before the event, but it is super easy. Here is how.

1 Bottle of Vodka
2 Fresh Small Chili Peppers (for the infusion)
Fresh small chili peppers (for garnishing your glass)
Cocktail Shaker
Martini Glasses
Crushed Ice

Wash and dry your two chili peppers and then use a small paring knife to cut off the stems. Slice … Continue Reading

Making Chili Infused Olive Oil

Save some time in the kitchen and make your own chili infused olive oil.  This is great to use in soups, stews and other foods that you are preparing. It would also add a wonderful flavor to meats that need a bit of oil coating before barbecuing.   It is super simple and the taste is amazing.

There are two different methods that you can try out.  The first one uses roasted chilis of any kind.  Wash and dry two chili peppers and then cut off the stem and remove the seeds and membranes. Brush the entire chili pepper with some olive … Continue Reading

New Mexican American Cuisine Featuring the Red and Green Chile

Living near the South West border of the US has its benefits.  You will find a lovely mixture of Mexican and American foods and the Red and Green Chile is one of the most popular ingredients that you will find in this New Mexican American Cuisine. This type of cuisine is popular in the South West including California, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona.

It has been said that the state question in New Mexico is “Red or Green” although this pepper is hugely embraced in the other southwestern states as well.  The chile pepper that is used in this type of … Continue Reading

How to Sun Dry Your Own Chili Peppers

Pepper harvest will soon be on us and peppers can get a little prolific.  Here is a great way to sun dry and preserve your harvest for future use when the neighbors just won’t take any more from you.

Supplies Needed:

  • Baking Sheet or Small Clean Window Screen
  • Clean Bath/Beach Towels or Clean Bed Sheets
  • Vinyl or Plastic Gloves (for handling the chili peppers safely)
  • Paring Knife and a Cutting Board
  • Clothes Pins or Small Clamps

Rinse your chili peppers under cool running water and pat dry with a towel. Using a knife, slice open the chili pepper length-wise, without cutting through the other side of the … Continue Reading

Chipotle Pepper and How to Use it in Cooking

Chipotle peppers have become popular in the past few years but many people don’t know that a chipotle pepper is basically a smoked jalapeno pepper.  It comes in many forms and can be used many ways.

Two of the most popular ways of using Chipotle pepper is in its ground form, which you can find at many markets with a large seasoning or international section or in a specialty store.  The other popular way to purchase chipotle is in an adobo sauce.  This adds more smoky and depth to the flavor of this pepper.
Many people use the ground form in rubs … Continue Reading

Spicy Corn on the Cob with Pico de Gallo

Summer brings us the super fresh harvest of fresh corn on the cob and if you like something a bit different to try, you have to check this out. My friend from California told me about how people there like to eat corn on the cob during the summer BBQ season.

There is a Mexican seasoning blend called Pico de Gallo and it is a ground assortment of different spicy peppers and salt.  This may be a bit difficult to find in stores so you may need to go to a Mexican grocery specifically.  Caution in this as there is also … Continue Reading

Get A FREE FatBoy Marinade T-Shirt!

InsaneChicken.com has great news. Our friends from FATBOY Marinade have given us some t-shirts to give away!

Here it is the FatBoy Marinade Gift Set. Not only do you get 3 of your favorite marinades but you also receive an Extra Large t-shirt. We only have so many of these so I strongly recommend buying on of these gift sets while we sill have the shirts in stock. Continue Reading

Top 10 Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s Day is coming faster than a roadrunner running right by Wille E. Coyote and without the Acme Co. – you need to be prepared. Here is a tried and true list of the top ten father’s Day gifts to help you decide what to do….Starting with number ten… here we go:

10. Time. Dad likes nothing more than to learn his normal “honey do” list has been temporarily put on hold. He can do what he wishes for the whole day. This gift is often not really seen as a … Continue Reading

Jalapeno Pepper Ice Cream to Chill Out

Because it is so dang hot, today is a great day for talking about ice cream and how to incorporate your favorite pepper into your favorite ice cream dessert.   Jalapenos are a very versatile pepper and can be used in many of your homemade vanilla ice cream recipes or homemade vanilla yogurt and custard recipes. When using a Jalapeno in your dessert recipe you always want to handle them carefully so protect your skin with gloves while handling them.

To make some homemade Jalapeno Pepper Vanilla Ice Cream you don’t need a special recipe to make it. You can use your … Continue Reading

15 Creative Ways to Use Salsa

One of the most popular uses of peppers has to be in the preparation of salsa.  Families have their trademark recipes and there are so many different varieties that you can make depending on the levels of peppers, tomatoes and other ingredients. It is a taste free for all.  With so many different uses for salsa, we thought we would share our top 15 or more uses so next time you which up a gallon of your favorite salsa, you might try it in a few new ways.  This is especially good for those watching your weight. Salsa is a … Continue Reading

How to Use Fresh Peppers in an Asian Stir-Fry

The two most common types of fresh peppers you will find in an Asian stir-fry are the sweet green pepper and the hot chili pepper. When selecting fresh peppers for a stir-fry you want to select peppers that are free of blemishes and look for peppers that have a firm (not wrinkled) skin. When handling chili peppers make sure you protect your hands by wearing vinyl gloves.

To make an Asian Stir-Fry dish you really don’t need a recipe. You simply need a wok, some vegetable or olive oil, freshly chopped vegetables, chopped meat and some sauce or marinade. Stir-Fry’s are … Continue Reading

Top 10 Pepper Extracts

The key ingredient to Pepper Extracts is capsaicin and can be obtained only from chile peppers and in not any other plant, animal, or mineral. Detectable to the human taste buds to one part in one million, this formidable alkaloid is extracted from hot chiles as an oleoresin (thick oil) used in super hot sauces, pepper sprays and pepper extracts. Pure capsaicin is so potent that chemists who handle the crystalline powder need to work in a filtered “tox room” in full body protection. The suit has a closed hood in order to avoid breathing … Continue Reading

Enjoy Delicious Pepper Infused Beverages

If you are looking for the prefect pairing of drinks and beverages for your next party or BBQ, look no further. These two beverages are going to be the hit of the party and will go perfectly with any mild pepper flavored meats that you are serving.  What a great addition to the celebration of pepper!

Jalapeno Pepper Wines: The Jalapeno pepper is a great pepper to use in homemade wine recipes. Most of the Jalapeno wines made don’t use just the pepper, they combine the pepper with a variety of fruits such as grapes and apples. These type of wines … Continue Reading

How to Marinade & Cook Fish

We have a nice selection of great marinades that would work well with your favorite fish.  Some cuts of a firmer fish could handle a bit of a spicier flavor. Try some of these cooking methods for a spicy fish dish.

Prepare your Fish:
Rinse off your fish and pat dry with a paper towel or clean cotton cloth. Pour some marinade into the bottom of a glass baking dish or marinating container and place your fish on top. Pour the remaining marinade on top of your fish and cover your container. Place container in the refrigerator. Depending on what variety of … Continue Reading

Hot Sauce is Not Just Hot Sauce

I know that is hard to believe but hot sauces are not all alike.  Sure they are made with vinegar and spice and all things nice, but just like any other food item, there is a large difference in many of them especially regional products like Mexican Hot Sauce or Asian Sauces.

Many people think that hot sauces are interchangeable but each one has its place within the type of food they were created for.  Take the hugely popular Tapatio Mexican hot sauce.  While this is actually a California brand, it is shipped … Continue Reading

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