Captain Jack’s Authentic Caribbean Style Pepper Sauce Review

Captain Jack’s Authentic Caribbean Style Pepper Sauce – A couple of points of clarification are required at the outset. First, this incredibly thick and chunky concoction is actually more of a relish than a sauce. Second, I want to marry this stuff. I’m not kidding; if my wife treated me as well as this product does I wouldn’t be divorcing her. Instead, I’d be spreading her all over my food, like I am with Captain Jack’s.

OK, I know that all sounds weird, but all you need to do it look at a jar of this pepper sauce and you’ll know what I’m talking about. You can see how thick and chunky it is, you can tell there are no artificial colors or flavors added. What you see if what you get, and you see a lot and get a lot. And then you unscrew the lid and take a whiff. Oh, man! The peppers and garlic hit you first and they’re intoxicatingly fresh-smelling. You wonder what else is in here and you’re delighted to find the answer is: not much. The full ingredient list is onions, water, chili peppers, garlic, vinegar, spices, and salt.

But then you know you have to taste it. I mean, you really have to, you cannot possibly resist. With other sauces I review, I pour a drop on my finger and lick it off. With Captain Jack’s, I took a spoonful and was in sheer heaven. When you taste it, the peppers are front and center so there’s a blast of pure heat but the garlic and onions won’t be pushed aside for long. The flavor is absolutely perfect.

The label suggests using the sauce to kick up a salsa or just stick your chips in the sauce directly. I’m also using it as a sandwich spread for roast beef and turkey, and you can certainly add it to your favorite marinade or barbecue sauce to sharply enhance its heat and flavor profile. I have a strong feeling that me and Captain Jack are going to live happily ever after.

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